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Industry Awards

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Farm Business Innovation Award: Celebrating excellence in the industry 

The Farm Business Innovation Award acknowledges those who have made exceptional contributions to the rural sector by implementing innovative practices, diversifying their businesses, and driving positive change.

It honours those who have successfully harnessed new technologies, sustainable farming methods, and creative approaches to maximise the potential of their farm businesses.

This award showcases the innovators who have transformed their farms into dynamic enterprises, offering unique experiences and products that captivate visitors and contribute to the growth of rural economies.

2022 Industry Award Winners

Farm Business Innovation Award

FBI WinnerDaisy Vending

A celebration of Daisy Vending, who developed the most cutting-edge technology within the rural sector.

Providing users with milk and milkshakes, Daisy Vending is a British manufacturer and seller of premium milk vending machines.

Sustainability Award 2022

LF&B Winner

NexGen Heating

The sustainability award celebrates NexGen Heating which is putting sustainability at the forefront of their company and product. With this becoming an ever-growing concern, we want to recognise those who have sustainability at the core of their business.

NexGen provides an innovative heating solution for applications across multiple industry sectors.

Did you know our co-located events also have Industry Awards?

Holiday Park & Innovation Award

The holiday park and resort industry is driven by innovation, creativity, and a commitment to providing exceptional experiences for guests. Each year, the Holiday Park Show recognises and celebrates the remarkable achievements of individuals, companies, and organisations that have made outstanding contributions to the industry through the Holiday Park and Innovation Award.

This award serves as a testament to the dedication, vision, and hard work of those who have pushed the boundaries of excellence and transformed the holiday park and resort landscape. It honours innovation in all its forms, whether it be ground-breaking technological advancements, sustainable practices, exceptional guest services, or innovative business models.

Leisure Innovation Award

The Leisure Innovation Award is a highly coveted honour that celebrates outstanding achievements and innovations within the leisure food and beverage industry. This award recognises the visionaries, trendsetters, and trailblazers who have made remarkable contributions to the sector by introducing unique concepts, exceptional culinary experiences, and cutting-edge solutions. The award highlights the innovators who have reimagined dining experiences, set new culinary standards, and embraced sustainable practices to enhance guest satisfaction and elevate the overall leisure experience.

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