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Panel Debates

2020 sees the launch of our panel debates where you will hear the experts discuss some of the hottest topics within the industry. Either submit your burning questions prior to the show, or ask them on the day as part of the live audience, to get all the answers you’ve ever wanted to hear on the current industry issues.

    • Wednesday

      Outdoor Events: Is this the way forward for diversification

      One of the most popular ways to diversify your spare land is by opening it up for outdoor events. Discover why this is a great investment, from those who have done it themselves, and hear the ways you can make your venue stand out from the crowd.

      Retail and farm diversification

      (Epos, interior design, shelves/packaging/bags/uniforms, retail consultants, rural biz cons)

      Government Funding and finance: take your farm to the next level

      Building on your land can be a huge investment. Before you take the plunge, and take a new direction with your land, the most important thing is making sure you have your finances in order. Discover, from the people who’ve done it already, the best ways to approach this tricky topic.

      The Changing Face of British Agriculture

      Up and coming trends in the future of diversification. Inspiration for what you can do with your land and how it will benefit you.


      When diversifying your land, there are a lot of variables to consider, and planning permission is one of the most important of these variables. Find out everything you need to know about the ins and outs of this tricky business, so your new venture can go ahead without fault.

      Wedding on a Farm, Party in a Barn

      Weddings are a great way to generate additional income from your land. Come along and hear from those who have their own stories to tell.

      Glamping: Your time to stand out from the crowd!

      Glamping is usually the first thing you’ll think about when it comes to diversifying your land. So, if everyone’s doing it, how can you stand out from the rest? Find out the key to making your glamping site pop, by listening to the experts battle it out.

      Renewable Energy: Save the environment, Save money

      One of the key ways you can diversify your land is through implementing renewable energy sources on your plot. Discover everything you need to know about branching out in this sector, from the people who’ve done it themselves.