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Below is the 2021 line-up. The 2022 speaker line-up will be announced shortly, sign up to our newsletter here to hear first

CLA Speakers

CLA speakers at the Farm Business Innovation Show

Diversification into new areas of business – making your land, property and business assets work harder – is increasingly popular, and brings new income streams. However, many landowners have been talked into new ventures by salesmen and consultants that then go on to become costly mistakes. It is vital that you have independent, impartial, and expert help and advice. And that is where the CLA can help.

The CLA not only has its own advisers in all the core areas you need – land use, law, taxation and planning – but they almost certainly have members around the country who have already undertaken a similar venture. They understand what income you could realistically earn and, more importantly, they know the potential pitfalls. All this advice is free to CLA members.

At the show, CLA experts will be presenting seminars on a range of topics that will be essential for anyone considering a diversification project.

    • Wednesday

      Keynote Speaker: Hermione Warmington

      Hermione Warmington - CLA

      Decarbonising rural buildings

      10.45 - 11.15

      With buildings accounting for nearly one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and the government committed to reaching its ambitious net-zero target by 2050, emissions from buildings need to be almost entirely eliminated. The next ten years will be full of regulatory changes to drive decarbonisation. This seminar will look at current and future policy and examine the three core ways to decarbonise buildings, to help businesses prepare for the upcoming changes.

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      Keynote Speaker: Dr Charles Trotman

      Dr Charles Trotman - CLA

      Rebuilding your business in the “new normal”

      11.30 - 12.00

      Rural businesses will have been dramatically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, some to the point of closure. More than ever it is important for businesses to be able to rebuild at a time of fundamental change. This seminar will examine what businesses need to consider when operating in the changed marketplace and how they can remain sustainable.

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      Keynote Speaker: Andrew Shirley MRICS

      Andrew Shirley MRICS - CLA

      Making the most of your assets

      12.15 - 12.45

      It is important to constantly reassess the potential of your business. How can you make your assets work harder to maintain income and increase profitability? This seminar will take you through how to review your assets and prepare an Asset Management Plan, identify opportunities and create an action plan

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      Keynote Speaker: Fenella Collins MRICS

      Fenella Collins MRICS - CLA

      Planning for the future

      13.30- 14.00

      This seminar will provide an assessment of the Government’s planning white paper “Planning for the future” and those elements of the Environment Bill that will impact planning applications, and what this means for rural businesses.

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      Keynote Speaker: Cameron Hughes

      Cameron Hughes - CLA

      New farming markets and innovations

      14.15 - 14.45

      This seminar will explore some of the developing markets and innovations in agriculture including aeroponics, bioenergy crops and data gathering techniques.

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      Keynote Speaker: Harry Greenfield

      Harry Greenfield - CLA

      Environmental markets: new opportunities for farmers and land managers

      15.00 - 15.30

      As environmental issues rise up the agenda, the Government, the public and businesses are looking at ways to improve the natural environment. Farmers and land managers are uniquely placed to deliver a wide range of environmental public goods – from clean water to thriving wildlife – and to be rewarded for doing so. This seminar will look at a range of opportunities including new ecological markets, government-funded schemes and private sector investment in natural capital.

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