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Paul W Thomas

Paul W Thomas

Mychorizzal Systems
United Kingdom


Having actively researched European truffles since 2001, Prof. Thomas has built a solid reputation and developed what is now the world’s largest and most diverse collection of truffle research sites worldwide. After developing truffle-tree technology, Prof. Thomas went on to become founder of several companies. Still holding directorship positions at five companies and being overall Managing Director at two, these cover successful truffle cultivation in America, South Africa, and various regions of Europe from Macedonia to the UK. Pushing truffle research boundaries, Prof. Thomas has several collaborations with topics including climate change and epigenetics. With partners at several UK and international universities and whilst holding an honorary Professorship position at the University of Stirling, these research activities help guide truffle cultivators and custodians of truffle-producing woodland. Keen to share his knowledge and experiences, with a growing interest in using data to influence policy and legislative architecture.


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