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Paul Saxby: Speaking at the Farm Business Innovation Show

Paul Saxby

Marketing Director  -  eviivo

Get More Accommodation Bookings Online in the New-Norm Travel Landscape

Glamping, Yurts, Shepherd Huts, B&Bs are all great ways to diversify and use your land, with recent world events making staycations more popular than ever. However, with these events comes key challenges, this session highlights what you need to tell future guests on your websites right now in order to capture their bookings, and what you need to do during their stay to ensure it’s an enjoyable and safe one.
Guests are looking at properties’ own websites now more than ever as they search for reassurance of safety measures taken by hosts in this post-lockdown period of travel. This also creates a great opportunity for accommodation businesses to capture bookings direct and not pay commission. This seminar explains your website must haves in order to secure those commission free bookings, and highlights what evidence of increased cleanliness and safety measures being taken now, need to be showcased on your websites.

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