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Nigel Padbury: Speaking at the Farm Business Innovation Show

Nigel Padbury

Seeds & Marketing Manager  -  Premium Crops

Adding Value to Your Arable Cropping

In this seminar we will explore the opportunities for UK growers to add value to their broad acre arable cropping by growing crops with the particular characteristics to meet specific end user requirements. End Users who are willing to pay a premium for the crop characteristics that they want.
This seminar examines the options available, the added value that can be achieved and the contract terms that growers can and should expect. While at the same time highlighting some of the traps and pitfalls that can befall those who venture into the niche crops market without having a secure end user in place.
Whether it is elevated levels of Omega-3 from linseed for the animal feed market; Special fatty Acids in oilseed rape oil for industrial end users; Canary Seed or Millet for the birdfood sector; or, Ultra high protein content wheat for British bakers, all of the crops offered by Premium Crops will command an added value over their more conventional alternatives.

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