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As a business we have a rich history, from the early years starting in 1972 managing farmland owned by an Investment house, growing in the 1980’s to contract farming for private individuals, the management buyout in 1999, to the business that Sentry is today.

We continuously challenge ourselves to be innovative, acting in a manner that will benefit our clients for the long term. We do this well, not only because of our skills, expertise and knowledge but because we are employee owned.

Being an employee owned organisation affords us many opportunities. From bringing to life our values that are recognised in the way that we work, to our ability to understand what it means to have responsibility for something that you care about.

The role we all play to ensure a sustainable future for our business, has a positive impact on how we work with you.

We will always strive for excellence, as we believe it creates not only a better working environment but the right one.

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