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The Agricultural Law Association (‘the ALA’) was formed in 1976 and is the UK’s largest inter-professional organisation devoted to the law and business of the countryside.

It focuses on the law in a non-partisan, apolitical way in order to promote its knowledge, understanding and development among those who advise rural businesses.

The ALA has over 1370 members across the legal, surveying, accountancy, farm business consultancy professions together with academia and members with specific expertise in international trade and investment; with all principal professional firms and, uniquely, all other principal member organisations within the agricultural sector represented within the membership.

It is a member of the following current sector cross organisation groups in the UK:

Tenancy Reform Industry Group
Agricultural Representatives Bodies Group (Taxation)
Scottish Land Commission – Tenant Farming Advisory Forum
Land Partnerships Service – National Advisory Group

The Association is also the largest member of the European Council of Rural Law.

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