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The Art of Leisure - relaxing in a rock pool.

Crystal clear water, natural looking rock, minimal maintenance and chemical free.



Features can be designed from your ideas or dreamt up for your allocated space. They are hand carved to resemble real rock formations at a fraction of the price of real rock. Whether it’s to draw wildlife to enhance your visitors’ experience, or provide a relaxing soak in a plunge pool or tethered swim space, water features, waterfalls or ponds, jacuzzi surroundings, almost any feature can be designed and created. 


Whatever the creation is, each design is unique and can be individually matched to your local scenery, or colours can be matched to your existing structures to blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings or be a fantastic creative tropical or fantasy theme. Be unique in having rocky surrounds for your jacuzzis instead of the predictable. Structures are solid and durable, hand coloured to add the authentic look.


The sound of trickling water adds a relaxing element to any venue and can greatly enhance the outlook of a seating area as a small water feature, or why not create a splash with additional activity option of swimming. As wild swimming gains momentum in attraction, the option of a mini ‘tethered training’ pool for the fitness lovers or a peaceful wallowing hole for relaxation is bound to attract attention. When not being played in, there is nothing more soothing than the dancing reflections of nature on water as a part of the scenery. Designs can be both beautiful and practical. 


Company Name for these sculptural aspects of Dawn’s art work is Rock Native


Facebook:  Dawn Pretty - painter of people and places 

LinkedIn: Dawn Pretty

TEL : 079 79 72 12 53

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