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PRO series V-76 extendable ground screws win through in soft soil conditions

The build

Once again the PRO Series V-76 extendable ground screw proved incredibly reliable on a tricky build project where soft soil and uneven ground would have meant laying foundations for a garden building at a holiday park pretty tough going. 


The FIRST BASE Ground Screws team chose the PRO series V-76 extendable ground screw as the soft soil conditions meant it was always going to be a challenge to achieve the required pile load. The PRO series V-76 once again rose to the challenge and the team were able to offer an alternative to the traditional and costly use of a concrete raft for the timber lodges and completed the project on time and to budget. 


The FIRST BASE Ground Screws service

This no dig solution is becoming more and more popular on self builds, timber framed decks, home offices and holiday parks and the extendable screw is particularly versatile when ground is uneven or soil conditions are a challenge. FIRST BASE Ground Screws brings expertise in ground testing and providing the necessary calculation to enable the use of ground screws, using our inhouse engineers., FIRST BASE Ground Screws are able to provide a complete ground screw solution to installers and developers alike.


Environmental Impact

With everyone in the trade thinking more and more about their environmental impact the use of ground screws is appealing more and more to the larger client projects as well as small firms trying to ensure they are mitigating their impact and it is great to be able to provide a sustainable foundations solution right at the start of any build. In this case the holiday park prides itself on keeping its environmental impact to a minimum and applying this solution to the foundations of it’s structures is in keeping with their ethos as they make alterations and extend the park moving forward. 


An excellent result

The FIRST BASE team, plus hydraulic machine, felt quite at home back at the park- having already installed all the ground screws for the 62 lodges - now ready on time to be put on the market and the units already selling. They expect to be back soon for more installations in the future.






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