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Monetize unused land with solar panels

Monetize unused land with solar panels

Engenera Renewables Group helps business leverage underused land to generate energy and revenues while reducing carbon emissions. Find out how it did that for Thorpe Farm Caravan Park and Nissan.

Engenera Renewables Group, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies, has helped many clients better utilize land to generate energy, reduce carbon emissions and produce additional revenue streams.

Engenera works alongside businesses as a decarbonisation partner helping firms better manage their energy needs. It is one of the few renewable energy companies in the UK able to offer renewable energy installations at no capital outlay to customers thanks to its access to a £100 million green bond programme.

It helps clients of all sizes establish creative solutions where they have underused land.


Case study: Thorpe Farm Caravan Park

Thorpe Farm Caravan Park was a fast-growing business that had recently invested in a new restaurant and farm shop. Paul Barkes, the owner, was keen to utilise his remaining fields to install a solar farm to generate costs savings and carbon reduction. 

Engenera worked closely with the business and handled all discussions with Northern Power Grid in relation to grid connection providing a complete turnkey service. 

Engenera designed the system so it can be increased in size as required. It is also now working on Phase 2 of the project exploring various renewable heating options and increasing the Solar Array.

- System size – 145kWp

- Ground Mount

- 392 x 370w Longi Solar Modules

- Occupying 732 square metres

- 4 x 30kW Solis Inverters

- Annual generation – 132,190kWh 


Case study: Nissan

Engenera helped motor manufacturer Nissan more than double the amount of renewable energy produced at its North East plant with the development of a new solar farm. The 20mW solar farm extension assists Nissan in its journey to becoming carbon neutral.

Nissan first began its journey into renewables over 10-years ago, when it installed 10 wind turbines – and later installed a 4.75mW solar farm. With the new solar farm extension Nissan will generate 20% of the plant’s energy from onsite renewables.

Over 35,000 solar panels will produce enough power for Nissan to build every single zero-emission Nissan LEAF sold across Europe.

Interested in making your business more energy efficient? Talk to us about your requirements and we will find the right solution for you, to reduce energy spend and create a more sustainable future.? or phone 0330 133 0857 for more details. 

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