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Throughout lockdown, here at Meritcheck Ltd, we have used our time to come up with an easy to use alternative to paperless systems, which we call MeritAgCheck.

 What is MeritAgCheck?

MeritAgCheck has been developed to enable you to continue building a health and safety conscious culture around your farm safety, providing daily, weekly and monthly visual checks to limit avoidable failures and accidents. It links to a central dashboard, which can be accessed by a manager via any browser-enabled device, where issues can be logged and completed checks can be viewed.

Confusion over which vehicle has been checked is eradicated with the linking of unique MeritAgCheck QR stickers to individual pieces of machinery.

What do users say?

One of our users has said that “MeritAgCheck is a quick and easy app that ensures compliance in a paperless solution, giving peace of mind.” Another user said that “MeritAgCheck is the perfect solution for completing pre-use vehicle checks… it allows us to comply with health and safety regulations without the difficulties involved with managing paper trails across multiple vehicles.”

What is new on MeritAgCheck?

 One of the recent additions to the functionality in the app is the ability to input training records. By storing your workers’ training and license records, you are easily able to see who should be using what. Automated reminders alert you to upcoming training or license expiry dates, ensuring you can plan ahead and save time.

What is coming to MeritAgCheck?

Soon, the ability to monitor servicing and inspections according to hours and mileage will be launched onto the app. This will allow users to record hours and mileage when submitting checklists, before subsequently linking that information to your upcoming service, maintenance or inspection due dates. You will receive regular reminders of these along the way. You will also be able to input servicing through your phone, helping to ensure all data is submitted into the system as and when you complete it.

The uploading of photos and videos defects will soon be possible within the app, pinpointing exactly where an issue lies and immediately saving you time and money. A great new feature which is due to come to MeritAgCheck, is the ability to export and print machinery reports, ensuring when you need your data, you can access it all in one place with no hassle. By being able to export different types of reports you will be able to examine your data better, ultimately allowing you to analyse the efficiency of your machinery.

These are just some of the new and exciting features coming to MeritAgCheck, which we hope both new and existing clients will love!

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