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The Farm Business Innovation Show 2019: What You Missed


The Farm Business Innovation Show 2019 was another huge success! Find out what you missed, and how you can get involved next year.


So, that’s a wrap - another fantastic show of business networking, innovation, and profit-boosting. We can’t wait to welcome many of our exhibitors and visitors back again next year, as well as many new faces who can add to the exciting products and services on offer.


With the Farm Business Innovation Show being such a huge success, we want to share with you some of our favourite elements of the show. To see what you missed out on, and what you can expect from next year’s show, read on...


Keynote Theatre 1 was a hit, especially when Lord Carnarvon came to talk

1. Informative Keynote Speakers and Seminars

Our keynote speakers and seminars really were a brilliant aspect of the show, providing advice and support for diversifying farmers across the UK. Some of our talks received crowds pouring out the door, and we can’t wait to get more speakers on board next year! The 2019 seminars covered topics such as:


  • Marketing your farm business the right way.
  • Different diversification ideas and stories, including viticulture, hemp growing, glamping, truffle farms, ground source heat pumps, and so much more!
  • Getting planning for diversification, how to go about it, what pitfalls to watch out for, and everything in between.
  • How to fund your farm diversification project, and information on R&D tax credit.


With these fantastic talks, and so many more, we were able to excite farmers with innovative ideas for diversifying their land. The options to diversify are endless and, with these talks, we opened the eyes of many landowners and farmers to these possibilities.

2. Unmissable Networking Opportunities

Our show raked in over 18,000 visitors, and we were absolutely thrilled with the results. Due to this huge influx, our exhibitors were able to come face-to-face with thousands of potential buyers. In the end, many of our exhibitors ended up with a number of new leads, and are positive that these will lead to a return in the months to come!


This is our main aim for our shows; to provide businesses with new leads, and to help our visitors improve their businesses with new ideas, products, and services. This way, we can help everyone to boost profits along the way.


The Continest team with their award look thrilled, and truly deserved to win

3. Awards Ceremony

Our awards commend the companies who are innovating within the world of landholding and rural entrepreneurship. Take a look, and see what products and services are changing the face of the farming industry...


Innovation Award

Innovation is the key element in what makes the Farm Business Innovation Show tick. Our winner this year was Continest, whose collapsible containers are the perfect solution for setting up and taking down temporary fixtures on land. Forget the usual metal containers, that are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre - Continest has completely changed the world of temporary events.


Business Services Award

Diversifying your land requires a lot of knowledge, thought, and a savvy business mind. Luckily, there are some amazing companies out there who make the road that bit easier, and our Business Services Award commends the companies who do just that. Flame Marketing, a company focused on providing affordable marketing for rural companies, truly deserved to win, and we look forward to welcoming them back again next year.


Environmental Award

Our environment and sustainability is becoming one of the most important factors in any and every business plan. Terravesta, the winners of the Environmental Award, truly deserve this award, providing support for a highly effective and sought after alternative to fossil fuels - miscanthus. By bridging the gap between growers and end-users, Terravesta are changing the face of the natural energy industry.


4. Popular Panel Debates

Our panel debates welcomed a number of our expert exhibitors and visitors to the stage, where they discussed some of the key industry topics in front of a live audience. Each debate encouraged our panellists to discuss their ideas with each other, and the audience were then called upon to ask any questions they had. We were given the low-down on a number of relevant diversification topics, including:


  • Renewables and Energy Storage
  • Glamping
  • Planning Permission
  • Weddings and Outdoor Events
  • Business Advice
  • Finance


These people watching a debate are listening to the panellists, who are providing valuable information for diversifying their land

Want to Get Involved in the Farm Business Innovation Show Next Year?

Want to exhibit at next year’s show, at the NEC, Birmingham on 11th & 12th November? We’d love to welcome you into our community of exhibitors, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Farm Business Innovation Show Event Director, Reece Morris:



Alternatively, if you want to visit, then stay tuned for our FREE tickets, which will be available to apply for very soon!

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