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Towards 2020: the Guidelines for a Sustainable Aqueous Environment


Dr. Evangelos Petropoulos will be discussing the new guidelines for a sustainable aqueous environment at the Farm Business Innovation Show. Find out more, here…


From the 1st of January 2020, all septic tanks must comply with the Environment Agency’s General Binding Rules. With sustainability an ever-pressing concern, these new rules set out the importance of maintaining our water resources in the best possible quality.


At the Farm Business Innovation Show, we’ll be welcoming Dr. Evangelos Petropoulos, who will be hosting an informative seminar about these new 2020 guidelines on Wednesday 6th November at 11.45-12.15, in Theatre 7. Along with some relevant case studies, the potential returns of adhering to these guidelines will be presented.


If you want to understand the potential benefits of this regulatory means to our everyday lives, then get your FREE tickets to the show. Hear Dr. Evangelos Petropoulos’s talk entitled “Towards 2020: the Guidelines for a Sustainable Aqueous Environment”, and discover more about this, here…


Due to new environmental regulations set out by the government, effluent waste cannot run through this river in 2020

Who is Dr. Evangelos Petropoulos?

Dr. Petropoulos, from Premier Tech Aqua, is a versatile engineer with extensive international experience working across both Europe and Asia. Dr Petropoulos is an expert in the field of water, at an academic and industrial level, including the fields of wastewater and environmental bio-engineering, and biotechnology.


He has conducted significant research and development into waste and wastewater treatment systems, for sufficient removal of organic pollutants and nutrients from both municipal and industrial wastewater streams. A regular invited speaker at international and national conferences, and co-inventor of a bio-reactor patent, he has released numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals, focusing on wastewater, waste and agricultural engineered ecosystems.


With such in-depth knowledge and experience, Dr. Petropoulos’s talk on tackling wastewater in 2020 should be a truly eye-opening talk. If you own a septic tank, or think you may need one for your diversification project, this talk will be ideal for you.

The New Guidelines for a Sustainable Aqueous Environment

Currently, the wastewater effluent after the septic tanks is discharged in one of the following ways:


  • Through a drainage field, discharge through a perforated pipework after primary treatment directly to the ground (infiltration);
  • Or through waterways, i.e. streams, rivers or lakes (direct discharge to surface water).


However, in 2020 the second option would not be acceptable as per environmental regulatory criteria. With these changes, every existing septic tank that currently discharges directly to surface water must be replaced, upgraded and/or redirect its effluent.


Failure to comply with the above may result in various consequences with varying severity depending on the environmental impact. Generally, it will be given one year for the end user to comply, although this will be done on a case by case basis.


In this new era, where effluent discharge permits are required, Dr. Petropoulos will extensively cover what the options and the environmental implications are, evaluating all alternatives. Therefore, if you have a septic tank on your land, or are thinking of setting one up, attending this talk is paramount to ensuring you don’t skip out on anything important.


This wastewater tank, right next to a river, will no longer be able to release its waste into the river in 2020

Find Out More About Premier Tech Aqua

Alongside this riveting talk, on Wednesday 6th November at 11.45-12.15, in Theatre 7, Premier Tech Aqua UK will also have a stand at the Farm Business Innovation Show. Premier Tech supplies commercial, industrial, and residential septic tanks, for all occasions. So, whether you’re setting up a glamping or caravanning site on your land, you can care for your environment in a practical and necessary way!

If you want to discover more about:


  • Packaged Water and Wastewater solutions across the UK and Ireland;
  • Or the design and manufacture of Wastewater, Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater, Storage and Pump Station products;


Then get your FREE tickets to the show, and head on over to stand FR710 to get all the information you’ll need. We, Dr. Petropoulos, and the team at Premier Tech Aqua UK, look forward to meeting you at the show, so we can help you make your diversification a reality.

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