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5 Reasons to Get Your Tickets to the Farm Innovation Show!


The Farm Innovation Show is in just two days! Now’s your chance to get your FREE ticket, so find out more here...


With just two days until the NEC in Birmingham opens their doors for the event of the year, it’s about time you get your FREE tickets to the Farm Innovation Show! If your land is more of a burden than a business opportunity, then we have the answer for you.


If you’re stressed about making ends meet, and are looking for an easier lifestyle, whilst making money in a fun and innovative way, look no further! Our exhibition will provide you with all the companies who can help you to diversify your land, and boost your profits in the process. Don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime, and get your tickets now!


This glamping cabin stand at the Farm Innovation Show shows off one of the best ways to diversify your land

1. Discover the Latest Consumer Trends

Whether it be glamping, tech-free retreats, pick your own fruit, or anything else in between, owning land offers endless opportunities. That said, it’s important to diversify into an avenue that will be popular, and draw in visitors or customers. That’s what we’re here for!


The Farm Business Innovation Show is all about opening your eyes to the trends worth diversifying into. Each exhibitor will provide you with the inspiration and means to diversify, helping you to get from beginning to end of a diversification project, keeping potential consumers in mind along the way. This way, you’ll be able to target certain demographics, raking in visitors, and boosting your profits along the way!


2. Informative Talks and Panel Debates

One of the most informative elements of the show will be the seminars. Here, you’ll be able to hear, from those who have diversified, how they did it, and the successes and failures they came across along the way. By hearing this from those who have done it already, you’ll be able to learn from their mistakes, without having to make these mistakes yourself!


What’s more, the panel debates will offer you the opportunity to hear about, from the experts, some of the key industry issues, and how these may affect certain sectors. Whether it be Brexit, the world of glamping, insights into weddings and outdoor events, there’s something for everyone. Get in-the-know at our show!


These people talking at an exhibitor stand seem to be getting all the information they need

3. Live Demos and Exhibitor Stand Interaction


Our show has a designated live demo area, where a number of our fantastic exhibitors will be showcasing their innovative products. Here, you’ll see them in action, and will be able to make a better judgement about whether the products are worth investing in.


To add to this, if you don’t get the chance to catch the live demo area, our exhibitors will also have their products on display at their stands. In some cases, you’ll even be able to explore them yourselves, especially where a cabin or glamping pod has been set up to investigate.


4. Unrivalled Networking Opportunities

The ultimate aim of our show is to provide you with the opportunities to network with hundreds of relevant experts, all under one roof. This is an opportunity like no other to meet every company and individual who could help you to boost profits from your land through new diversification ideas.


5. Get the Help You Need to Take an Idea From Start to Finish!

Ultimately, the show is aimed at helping you become inspired with new ideas. Then, once these ideas are formed, every single element of this idea will be available to you, all in one place. Whether it be planning, finance, marketing, building, and everything else you can imagine, it’ll all be there.


The CLA Theatre at the Farm Innovation Show will be completely packed, as it was last year

Last Chance to Get Your Tickets to the Farm Innovation Show! 

The Farm Business Innovation Show is just a couple of days away now! We’re so excited to welcome you through the doors, at the NEC in Birmingham on 6th & 7th November, so get your FREE tickets, now! Don’t miss out on the event of the year, helping farmers and landowners make use of their vacant land to boost their profits.

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