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5 Reasons to Buy a Safari Tent For Your Land


With an Outstanding safari tent, your campsite will appeal to a wider range of campers. Discover more, right here…


An Outstanding Tent safari tent will appeal to people who love the adventure of camping, but without the hassle of pitching a tent, and those who want to unwind, but without the rigors of a primitive tent. Outstanding safari tents and lodges are not just tents - they offer a different way of vacationing, one that appeals to campers in the upper segment.


At the Farm Business Innovation Show, discover the new way of camping, by meeting Outstanding Tents. Get your FREE ticket to the show to see how they could revolutionise your offerings, in more ways than one...

This safari tent with the night sky in the background shows the beauty of camping

1. Changing Camping Needs

Have you noticed your guests have changed their wishes? Then chances are you have been noticing an ever-growing need for more comfort.


Many people who take a few days off to escape the hectic daily city life nowadays require privacy, space and luxury. Carrying a toilet roll under the arm has changed into staying at comfortable accommodation with access to your own sanitation.


However, it is not only about comfort. A unique travel experience is also high up on the wish list of today’s tourists. The Outstanding safari tents are fully equipped; you will be able to offer your guests the luxury of a complete holiday home while the allure of camping does not get lost. Ideal, wouldn’t you say?

2. A Safari Tent That Gives you Peace of Mind

As a campsite owner, you already have a lot on your mind. Outstanding only use the best materials for their safari tents, so you will not have to worry about your safari tents. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?


The tents can stand outside all year round, so you won’t have to take them down as soon as the season is over. Of course, it’s nice to vent the tent once in a while, but other than that, no servicing is further required. The TenCate tarpaulin is not only strong, but also fungicidal, and the PVC rooftop protects the safari tent from all weather conditions!


Not only are Outstanding’s materials, but also their services, are focused on giving you peace of mind as much as possible. Their glamping advisors can help you make a choice from their wide range of products. So, you can build on their experience to furnish the safari tent in the best possible way.


Their assembly professionals will gladly help you in establishing and furnishing the safari tents. Do you have any questions before or after a purchase? No problem, because you can always reach them via phone, email, social media, or even via the chat on their website!

This pitched up safari tent is very similar to the tents that Outstanding Tents sells

3. Lifespan of a Safari Tent

Safari tents have a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years. To keep the durability of the tents so high, Outstanding only use the best materials. The TenCate tarpaulin is fungicidal and extremely strong. The PVC rooftop protects the tent from all weather conditions, and the galvanised steel couplings will keep the tent abeam all year round.


The safari tents are placed all over the world, and are regularly positioned in open fields. Due to the construction of a safari tent, with its ironclad wooden frames, you shall not have to worry about the weather conditions. The safari tents are winter proof, resistant to high winds, and even available with snow frames.

4. Glamping and Profit

The long durability of the safari tent makes this an interesting investment. What’s more, Outstanding have a broad selection of safari tents in different sizes, so you will always be able to find a suitable solution.


Meet Outstanding at the exhibition, so you can decide, together, which model safari tent would be most profitable as possible per square metre. They can furnish your tent in such a way so you can receive big as well as small families. The safari tents can be elongated to serve as group accommodation. Is the extension not possible on the ground? No problem!


They will gladly give you information about the models with an optional upper floor. Or, they can show you their compact safari tent with which you can use the space in the best way possible, and profit as much as possible per square metre.

5. Innovation

The camping market is dynamic, resilient, growing and innovative, and the demand for glamping is increasing. Of course, this offers possibilities, but at the same time paves the way for a surge in competition.


Innovation has, more than ever, become important in the past couple of years to attract the attention of today’s tourist and, of course, to secure them. With the safari tents, you can differentiate yourself from the masses.


That is why it is important Outstanding continue to innovate as well. It is their job to stay ahead of the trends and new models on the market. By listening closely to their clients, they can go along with the changing wishes, keeping them on their toes, and inspiring them to do more.

This first person view of someone looking outside of a tent shows that these tents can be pitched anywhere

Want to Offer Your Very Own Safari Tents?

Like what you hear? Well, you’ll get the chance to meet representatives from Outstanding Tents at the Farm Business Innovation Show, very soon! Get your FREE tickets to the show, at the NEC, Birmingham on 6th & 7th November, to hear from them how they could revolutionise your land!

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