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Brexit News: How the Farming Industry Could be Affected


With Brexit on the way, the world of farming has become uncertain, but we’re here to help! Find out how the farming industry will be affected, and the solution to your worries...


Brexit is causing uncertainty in every industry across the UK, and the farming industry is predicted to be hit the worst. Not to worry, though as we have a solution for you!


The Farm Business Innovation Show is here to help the farmer in need. Your land offers an array of potential that you haven’t even thought of. If you want to find out more about how your land can become a gold mine, even after Brexit, get your FREE tickets to our show. Otherwise, find out more about how Brexit could affect you, here...

A large group of people coming together for a Brexit rally is a nice sight to see

Trade Disruption

Trade is one of the most pressing issues facing the agricultural sector. This is because, not only does it affect trade going out of the UK, but inwards too! That said, the Farm Business Innovation Show will provide the solutions you need to avoid these concerns...

Outbound From the UK

A high percentage of UK farming produce is exported out of the country. In fact, around 50 percent of cereals, lamb, chicken, and beef, on average, are exported to other countries. What’s more, the EU is the highest taker of dairy exports, by a long way, with a value of around £1.3 billion exported to the EU each year.


With Brexit on the way, especially a no-deal Brexit, trade deals are uncertain, putting agricultural revenues at risk. That said, the Farm Innovation Show will be the perfect place to discover different avenues for revenue, that don’t rely on trade. Whether it be go-karting, festivals, petting zoos, pet-friendly hotels, glamping… the list is endless!

Inbound to the UK

Right now, we import a lot of our food produce into the UK from the EU, without having to pay tariffs. That said, once we leave the EU, these tariffs will be chargeable to the UK, meaning that food prices could increase. With this tariff barrier being put up between the UK and the EU, trade flows could be impacted.


That said, with exports to the EU impacted, as well as EU imports too, it could come down to the UK farmers to disperse their own products across the UK. In this instance, our UK agricultural land will be the ones to solve both of these potential problems!


For more information on how to continue trading with the EU, follow this link.

This tractor on a green field is cutting the crops, surrounded by cows, who are watching from the side

No More EU Subsidies

Farmers currently receive around €4 billion a year under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This goes to the farmers themselves, as well as towards rural development funding, and around 60 percent of farmers rely on this income to fund their land.


The government has promised a solution to this, saying they’ll subsidise these losses until the end of Parliament in 2022, with a no-deal agreement. So, as long as the beneficiaries continue to adhere to EU regulations to receive these payments, all will remain the same. What’s more, the government has protected the UK in some ways, by avoiding the threat of cheaper, lower quality food imports from the EU.

Higher Costs

Due to the fall of the pound, exchange rates could be majorly impacted. This means that UK exports will become a lot more competitive, and imports will become more expensive. So, in a farming perspective, imported items like machinery and oil, which are essential within the farming world, will grow in price.


The Farm Innovation Show will be the place to solve any problems in this regard. By branching out into new methods of using your land, that aren’t necessarily agricultural, you can boost profits, without seeing the effects of Brexit. Getting your FREE tickets to the show will allow you to network with the UK companies who can provide everything needed to make these changes!


A great number of agricultural workers are from the European Union, and with a break from the EU, we can’t know how this will affect the supply of agricultural workers coming into the country. Without a flexible and skillful workforce, meat and egg farms could be negatively impacted.

This foreign farmer is a real asset to the British farming world, and with Brexit, we could lose him, and many others

Brexit News, Over and Out

Although it may feel as though all this is out of your hands, it truly isn’t. All these issues can be solved through diversifying away from traditional land-holding methods.


At the Farm Business Innovation Show, on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, you’ll meet all the companies who can take your land in these new directions. Don’t miss out, and get your FREE tickets to the show to discover how you can add value to your land, in more ways than one.


Ignite your imagination, and boost profits from your land, in just a few weeks time!

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