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An Enduring Playful Partnership: Timberplay’s Toddler Play Area

Timberplay’s toddler play area at Odds Farm has led to an enduring partnership. Could they help you improve your land’s worth too?

One of the most respected names in the Farm Leisure Market, Odds Farm, have worked with Timberplay over several years. Over the last 6 years, Timberplay have partnered with Buckinghamshire Farm Park, Odds Farm, to incrementally improve their play provision year on year.

With Timberplay’s success helping this renowned company, perhaps they could help you with diversifying your land to toddler play areas! Find out more at the Farm Business Innovation Show on 6th & 7th November, by getting your FREE ticket, here.

Otherwise, discover more by reading on…

A Toddler Play Area to Remember

This fruitful partnership started in 2004, with the installation of a Toddler Play Area utilising a small space located next to the café. The following year, a Sand and Water Play Area was developed for children up to 8, perfect for the demographic of Odds. Sand and Water is one of the most immersive play experiences available, and this space proved extremely popular.

To extend the age range of their customer base, and create more appealing experiences for older children, Odds Farm then completely revamped their Adventure Play. Representing a significant investment, this play space includes mounds and tunnels, siting key play equipment on top of the mounds to add to the excitement. The design ensures there is graduated risks, with alternative climbing, sliding and other playful activities to suit each child’s capabilities.

Keen to encourage greater exploration of their site, and also to provide a suitable piece of play apparatus to support their entertainment shows, Odds then commissioned the development of a Play Fort. Offering play on many levels, the Play Fort is great for role play. 

The most recent development is the awe-inspiring H2Odds Water play. The Odds Farm Park water play facility incorporates 500sqm of waterplay, 80 metres of channels, streams and pools and 28 distinct play features, including locks, dams, Archimedes Screw and Waterscoop wheel.

How Does Timberplay Work Alongside Companies to Achieve Their Goals?

Timberplay’s Landscape Design team came up with a bold design for a low level waterplay space that could accommodate many children at any one time. Rather than the typical ‘splash pool’, H2Odds delivers a calmer, more immersive play experience, and is ideal for the Odds Farm Park demographic (0-8yrs).

It is perfect for social and engaging play, bringing together distinct groups of children into a shared play experience. This design represented a very different approach to waterplay, utilising an alternative palette of materials than those typically associated with Timberplay – concrete and steel.

However, this hard landscaping is balanced by the surrounding natural environment, timber fencing, a timber hand wash station, and the inclusion of natural boulders and natural stone sets.

The children pump the water themselves, helping them understand scientific and mathematical principles, effectively demonstrated through waterplay in action. The addition of shade sails offers protection from the rain, increasing the usability of the space in more inclement weather, whilst also providing protection during the sunny seasons too.

Natascha Crump, Chief Executive Officer, Odds Farm Park Ltd said of this enduring relationship:

“Timberplay have been an excellent, and are an on-going partner to Odds Farm Park Ltd, working creatively to meet the demands of each brief with their installation teams working hard to deliver the projects on site and importantly to time and budget. They have demonstrated a solid commitment to delivering each project, and I would have no hesitation in using their services for future developments or indeed recommending them to other corporations.”

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