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Averting Outside Food Dependency in Island Communities

Tackling outside food dependency is the key to reducing the reliance on traded food imports. Discover the ways to produce abundant, affordable, and sustainable fresh produce that can compete with processed imports in farming areas compromised by their geography.

As an island, Mauritius faces specific problems relating to freshly grown produce. Farming in the soil is difficult, crops can be vulnerable, variety is limited, and economic factors have driven farmers towards aggressive use of chemicals.

Until recently, the farming industry has also been diminished, as younger generations have left the land to seek jobs elsewhere. Consumers suffer, as fresh produce is expensive to import. Those growers who are keen to diversify face further challenges in sourcing the quality soil and seeds necessary in order to cultivate natively.

So how do islands tackle these challenges?

These unripe tomatoes growing on a vine are the epitome of an area depending on themselves, and no one else, for food

Using Autopot to Tackle Outside Food Dependency

In seeking to overcome these challenges, island producer, Farmcity, adopted AutoPot Watering Systems in the hope of setting precedents for reversing outside food dependency worldwide. Farmcity builds modern farms for healthier communities. They’ve developed an easy-to operate, modular farm model that enables great food to be grown completely naturally.

AutoPot watering systems have been integrated within Farmcity’s cutting-edge modular TropicBird greenhouse to create a sustainable, sheltered growing environment. The potential here is huge. If local food can be produced simply, affordably, and in volume, it is very difficult to see how equivalent foreign imports could possibly compete.

The Installation of AutoPot Watering Systems

From the outset, necessity, and a desire to farm sustainably, have dictated that Farmcity Mauritius are completely off-grid (for both power and water). The AutoPot Watering Systems they have installed operate power-free, without the need for pumps or computer controls. None of the rainwater Farmcity collect in order to irrigate is wasted in the systems, as each plant controls its own irrigation, only drawing on supply when it has exhausted its previous feed.

The Benefits of AutoPot Watering Systems

The AutoPot watering systems overcome the difficulties of traditional in-soil cultivation by reducing workload, increasing germination rates, supporting greater variety, and allowing producers to grow in an environment where pests can be controlled by non-aggressive means.

Furthermore, they are easier to master than in-soil cultivation. It is hoped that this will facilitate an easy reintroduction to farming for future growers whose forebears may not have farmed themselves. Providing support, hands-on experience, and education for these new farmers, and farmers of the future, are all part of Farmcity’s stated aims.

This AutoPot greenhouse is changing the face of this island's food prospects

The AutoPot Watering Systems Community

To these ends they welcome volunteers seeking experience and youth groups. Recent visits from the local schools have illuminated the innovative growing techniques that Farmcity employ for a whole new generation of potential horticulturalists.

Promoting the viability of sustainable farming has been helped no end by the fact that consumers are increasingly demanding better, healthier food at affordable prices. There is real hope that this demand will drive mindset change around farming.

Farmcity also aim to use AutoPot Watering Systems to demonstrate to potential partners the ease with which fresh food production can be achieved. They are currently attracting attention from a diverse range of groups.

For example, schools who want to grow their own supply of food for the cafeteria are looking to integrate a TropicBird ft. AutoPot on campus. Supermarkets looking to secure their own supply of vegetables are expressing interest in placing the greenhouses on their rooftops. Even property developers are looking to include the Farmcity model as part of their developments.

Watching people learning about sustainable farming restores our faith in humanity

Are AutoPot Watering Systems a New Future?

Are you interested in hearing more about this fantastic project? Then head on over to the Farm Business Innovation Show on 6th & 7th November, at the NEC, Birmingham, to discover how AutoPot helped the island of Mauritius to become dependent on themselves for food. Get your FREE tickets to the show to discover more, and to see if AutoPot could teach you something new!

Otherwise, get in contact with AutoPot personally, using the contact details below:

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