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Small Business Marketing: the Seed of a Rural Relationship


Small business marketing for your diversified land doesn’t have to be hard! Find out how Flame Marketing can help you out, here...

Diversifying your land isn’t just about an idea, it’s about getting you all the way from A to Z. Flame Marketing can help you with advertising your new venture to get as much traffic as you possibly can through your doors!

If you’re interested in coming face-to-face with them, and so many other helping hands, head to the Farm Business Innovation Show with your FREE tickets. Discover more about how Flaming Marketing can help you out, right here…

This one of Flame Marketing's clients is one of the small businesses they've provided fantastic marketing to

Who Are Flame Marketing?

Hayley, the Flame Marketing founder - look for the redhead on the exhibition stand - grew up surrounded by rolling fields in the Devon countryside. This rural background gave her a passion for craft and rural products, and the communities that produce them.

Having been inspired by her mother's entrepreneurial drive and skill, she decided to find a way to support the small businesses of the communities that shaped her. So, Flame Marketing was born.

Who Are Flame Marketing For?

Flame Marketing was born out of a passion to support small and micro businesses. They love all artisan businesses, from traditional crafters and artists to farm diversification projects, and from craft breweries to those keeping a rural skill alive, and even that friend who makes cheese in their garden shed.

They are for all these small and niche businesses who may feel quality marketing services are out of their reach. They want to see your thrive, so the communities we all love can thrive.

From the Flame Marketing Founder

“I truly believe that quality and bespoke marketing should be available at an affordable rate for all businesses, from micro-one-man-bands, upwards. I have built Flame Marketing on this belief, and I continue to work to keep our fees as reasonable as possible, and to work with clients to ensure our services deliver visible results, without breaking the bank.

“I have created a marketing agency, specifically with artisans and rural businesses in mind. I understand the struggles faced by our clients, whether that’s the slow internet, the Dawlish train line being closed yet again, or being late for a meeting because the cows needed to move fields. I know how it feels when you just need someone to talk to about your business. I understand because this is my home too, and I love your products as well.

“I want to make your business the best it can be, so my home can flourish just as your business can with our help. I have chosen farmland over glass boxes, I drive a 4x4 not a BMW, I wear boots not heels, and I know how to handle a stuck sheep.”

The Flame Marketing logo features a running rainbow-coloured horse, with a black background to make it all stand out

Small Business Marketing: Why Come to Their Stand?

The Farm Business Innovation Show is Flame Marketing’s first time exhibiting at a national event, and they are really excited to be a part of this huge show. They’ll be running a competition at their stand, so you can win some goodies. They will also be running show specials and discounts for any businesses who book a free consultation and planning session at the show.

Some of these will be limited numbers, and on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to get yourselves over to stand FR872. Get your FREE tickets to make the most of these fantastic offers, that you won’t find anywhere else. We look forward to welcoming you there!

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