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The Next New Glamping Trend


Learn about the ways you can make your glamping experience an inclusive place for people of all abilities.

What comes to mind when you think of glamping? A white tent, in the midst of a woodland setting, with double beds and a fire pit? A small, wooden cabin, with a sunset view and a hot tub? All things adult and luxurious, I’m sure.

This may be the case with most glamping sites, but what about those parents who fancy a relaxing getaway, who may not have the necessary childcare options? How about those with disabilities, requiring accessibility and mental stimulation?

Most glamping sites won’t cater for these possibilities, but get-away retreats like this could really benefit those with mental illnesses and disabilities, as well as the parents of those afflicted. Provide an inclusive experience for all, with a family getaway in the camping world.To discover more about how you could set up your very own glamping site on your land, get your FREE ticket to the Farm Business Innovation Show, and meet the people who can open your eyes to the possibilities of your land! To find out how to make your glamping site more open to everyone, to gain more profits, keep reading...

Round pod cabin within the trees

Disability Inclusion For All The Family

With our preconceptions of what glamping entails, it might surprise you to discover that Clarity Commandos’, a woodland based charity in Northumberland, has recently opened a glamping park which keeps people of all abilities in mind.

Clarity Commandos don’t just have the usual tipis and tents you’d expect at any old glamping site. To set them apart from the rest, they’ve put together educational and fun survival and team-building activities, for people with all abilities.

They leave no stone unturned, supporting children with a wide spectrum of learning difficulties and behavioural problems, as well as mental illnesses, like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. By including them, and making sure everyone is supported to move at their own pace, the initiative could be the next big thing in the glamping industry.

What’s more, these activities aren’t just limited to physical enjoyment which gets the blood pumping and the mind racing. The benefits of campfire socialisation could really help people open up to others facing similar difficulties and experiences to them.

Silhouetted people with a campfire on the beach

What we can’t forget, though, is that, at the basis of all these fun and inclusive activities, is the beautiful glamping campus. So, alongside providing fun for all the young ones, the adults are given the unique opportunity to put their feet up, whilst the kids engage in stimulating and appropriately paced fun, tailored to them.

Mental Health Retreats

These measures don’t have to be limited to families, though. With the growing rate of mental health problems gripping our society, stress-free environments are the ideal way to engage the teenage and young adult generations plagued by mental health problems.

According to the Mind organisation, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health illness within their lifetime. 1 in 6 of these cases will include the most common of these mental health problems, namely anxiety and depression.

With these ever-growing statistics, and the consequential impact of mental-health awareness becoming more prevalent, companies can capitalise on the need to de-stress through wellness retreats. Joining this cause is the University in Penn State, who have organised wellness retreats for students to allow them to cope more effectively with stress, and help them to develop stress-management skills.

That said, it’s not just universities who can get involved. Glamping sites could provide the perfect environment for sufferers of mental illnesses, which is why further measures could be taken to support the cause. For example, studies at Harvard University have shown us that meditation and yoga are some of the ideal ways to relieve anxiety.

What’s more, this doesn’t just have to target those with mental health, alone. These sorts of activities will likely engage glamping enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Through implementing actions, like these, to improve mental health inclusion, your glamping resort could bring people of all mentalities together.

Woman wearing white, doing yoga on a mat

The Answer is Simple

With a targeted approach, the possibilities of mental health and disability inclusion are endless. For families who just need a relaxing get-away catering for everyone, young or old, or for anyone suffering with a mental health problem, glamping could be the answer.

If you want to find out more about the glamping world, our Farm Business Innovation Show, taking place on 6th-7th November 2019, at the NEC Birmingham in the UK, could provide all the information you need. We have industry experts exhibiting their glamping goods and services, such as Grill Cabin Ltd, who provide beautiful cabins and installation services, as well as Infinite Playgrounds, perfect for young children to get their adventuring shoes on.

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