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Energy Solutions (UK) Ltd launched its new business division Hybrid Power

Energy Solutions (UK) Ltd launched its new business division Hybrid Power yesterday showcasing their extended range of standalone hybrid power systems for off grid and remote environments. Already a major part of their business, the team at Energy have seen a dramatic increase in interest in their range of standard and bespoke hybrid solutions that offer clients reduced emissions, reduced cost of operation and reductions in noise levels over traditional off grid power sources.

Mark Penny, Commercial Director at Energy Solutions explains: “We have for the last 5 years been working with clients to help design and build standalone hybrid power systems that address issues with emissions, high costs and the legal requirement in some cities to reduce or eliminate noise at night. We now have a range of products that address these areas from our portable hybrid pack, to our containerised solutions. The potential for hybrid power units are numerous, we can help anywhere where currently a diesel generator is the only solution for continuous power. Hybrid power opens up opportunities for power in remote locations and diverse environments at a realistic cost. We currently have systems working in locations from hilltops in Yorkshire to the Ascension Islands.”

Energy Solutions are the UK's leading supplier of standalone power systems supplying high quality hybrid power systems to commercial and private customers across the UK, and internationally, wherever connection to the grid is not a viable option.

Their range of systems include Hybrid Portable Pack - a robust, lightweight hybrid power solutions between 0.5kVA – 3kVA;  Hybrid Tower – a standalone power system ideal for remote monitoring, warning and surveillance.  EasyGrid – a ‘plug and play’ hybrid solution for homes and businesses looking for a straightforward, affordable way to generate their own power; SiteGrid - three phase hybrid power units available in 30kVA and 45kVA configurations, ideal for larger sites; VariPower – a variable speed generator hybrid power system, and Containerised systems – robust, semi bespoke systems ideal for specific projects. All the systems incorporate renewable energy options and offer remote monitoring and control, so clients have continuous visibility on their systems.

Concludes Mark Penny “Operational systems have shown considerable reductions for clients in diesel associated emissions, noise levels and diesel costs compared to using a diesel generator 24/7. We see even bigger growth opportunities over the next 2 years as clients start to see the ease of installing and running these systems.”


Full details can be seen on the website


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