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Farm Business Innovation Show, NEC - Wednesday 7th November 2018.  The Land App is pleased to announce that it has today released its multi-editor collaboration feature, allowing two or more people to contribute to the same digital farm map - in real-time and without having to be in the same location. With this release, The Land App enables farms, estates, and rural professionals to work together on a single version of the truth, improving the speed, accuracy and quality of farm maps, subsidy applications and project designs.“The importance of multi-editor collaboration in the rural sector is huge. There are so many instances when you need to share your maps with others and engage professional advice,” explained Tim Hopkin, Founder of The Land App. “For example, if you’re an estate manager planning a diversification project, you can quickly draw up a design for a new farm shop with our intuitive drawing tools and Ordnance Survey base map. You can then invite your planning consultant or agent to edit and refine your design - which they can do remotely from their office - before sharing it with your local planning authority. Similarly, if you’re an agent doing a Basic Payment Scheme claim - you can quickly import the RPA data, accurately measure and assign land use codes, and share this with your client for their feedback and approval prior to submission.” The Land App was founded in 2015 by Tim Hopkin in response to the difficulty, costs and delays he experienced when trying to share maps between his team and consultants on his family’s farm near Guildford. Press Contact:  Tim Hopkin Founder, Director, The Land Appm. +44 7864 285573     o. +44 2077 540367e.

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