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New algaecide Enclean® gains organic status

Enclean® is now recognised by the Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd (OF&G). OF&G is a leading control body approved by the UK Government's Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to inspect and certify organic production and processing.

Authorised in the UK in 2020, nonanoic acid is Belchim Crop Protection’s first new biocide to the market. It is a biocide of plant origin that controls algae on a wide range of hard and artificial surfaces. 

How it works

Enclean® works by contact activity, quickly helping to remove algae and green deposits from hard surfaces by the destruction of cell membranes, preventing photosynthesis and other physiological processes. The results can be visible after only a few hours with long lasting effects.

Where to use Enclean®

Enclean® can be applied to most surfaces including, but not limited to, paved surfaces, bitumen (asphalt), block paving, wooden and plastic decking, and all synthetic sports surfaces including tennis courts, running tracks and hockey pitches.

Why Enclean®

Enclean® is a useful tool in integrated management, as it not only reduces the water usage compared to current methods of de-greening, but it also saves time and costs in labour with its ease of use and speed of activity.

It reduces the number of visits required which, in turn, reduces risk to the operator.  

Case Study 

Often, when there is a build-up of algae, it occurs in narrow pathways that have limited access to sunlight or wind. Many biocides tend to require large water volumes which can be a serious problem if the large tank on a mounted sprayer can't access the area you need to treat. When working in a relatively remote place, far away from a water source, another potential issue can be accessing significant volumes of water to do the job. Applying Enclean® with a knapsack sprayer requires a relatively small amount of water which can be a major advantage.

The Show

Our amenity experts will be exhibiting for the first time at this year’s Holiday Park and Innovation show at Stand Number 8150. Further information on Enclean® and other Belchim products is available at

Enclean® is available for purchase via Belchim’s amenity distribution partners.


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