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How to make money whilst reducing your carbon impact

Check out these 4 ways of saving money, the planet or even making a bit of money as you generate:


1. Choose green (tariffs)

Start by thinking about how the energy you get from the grid is sourced. Not all energy suppliers offer fully green options, however the majority now offer at least 100% green electricity. Try and find suppliers that offer green or carbon offset gas options to truly minimise your environmental impact.


 2. Be smart, choose smart 

A smart home or business is where internet enabled appliances or devices can be controlled remotely to better manage energy usage and make savings. 

It tends to start with having smart meters and in home devices as a central hub where you can then plug in different kit or functionality. For example, smart thermostats can allow you to control and schedule the temperature in separate rooms or locations and make this intuitive e.g. if a draft is detected.


3. Generate and store 

There are different options to generate energy on your property including solar panels and either air sourced or ground heat pumps. Used in connection with battery storage you are able to generate and store any excess energy you produce. The next step is then finding an energy supplier with a SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) license allowing them to purchase the excess energy you generate from you. As an example, typically you will save 30-50% off your annual energy spend by generating your own solar energy. For more information on how the technology works check out our blogs on Solar, Heat Pumps or Battery Storage


4. Elon gate your fleet

Love him or hate him, Elon Musk and Tesla have driven (excuse the pun) the electrification of what we drive. By choosing a time of use energy plan with an eligible supplier you are able to charge your electric vehicles (EVs) overnight at a significantly reduced price. If you then have a vehicle to grid EV charge point you can even then sell back energy during the day when rates peak at a higher price. Linking this to a smart home system will then automate this to any specific times or prices that you set making this an easy way to reduce overall spend or generate revenue by adopting a green technology. 


We hope you find these useful and look forward to meeting you in November. 






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