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How technology is changing UK agriculture

Nowadays, technology can be seen throughout the agricultural sector from ranging from advancements like robotic milking to AI to apps on smartphones. For example, an app that has been developed is MeritAgCheck which helps farmers adapt to these changes by eliminating the need for pen and paper, replacing it with digital modernity. Digital data does not just benefit farmers it also creates an environmentally friendly method of recording, by eliminating vast, paper usage.

An important aspect of using apps, is that software can be updated quickly, which helps ensure these apps fulfil the needs and wants of the consumer. User feedback gives these developers the insight they need to know about what does and does not work for users.

With the development of our culture and people switching to apps, software such as MeritAgCheck aims to make recording data of both machinery and more general records easy and efficient.

Efficiency and practicality are two more vital characteristics that will contribute to the success of developing technology; having all relevant information in one place is a staple of the digital world, alongside ensuring simplicity. Keeping on the example of MeritAgCheck, you can have all the necessary information in one place; for instance, storing workers licenses and training records on the system, then receiving notifications of necessary training records expiration dates.

As mentioned, apps are continuously trying to evolve, seen in MeritAgCheck with their plan to add more organisation options in future updates, including the ability to monitor servicing and inspections according to hours and mileage. This would allow the user to record the hours or mileage of the machine when submitting checklists, before subsequently linking that information to their upcoming service, maintenance or inspection.

Technology can also help managers to plan ahead by features such as regular notifications of upcoming expiration dates.

Having all information on your smart phone is vital to British farmers thriving in the current climate. Many people in the current era carry phones on them, meaning being able to record data through this device is also crucial, such as being able to input servicing through their phone, helping to ensure all data is instantly submitted into the system as and when it’s completed. Then, being able to export and print machinery reports ensures that when the data is needed, it can all be accessed in one place with no hassle. By exporting different types of reports, it allows for the ability to examine the data better, ultimately allowing for a more efficient analysis of the machinery.

As our world continues to evolve with the development of new technology, companies like MeritAgCheck have created experiences for farmers to adapt alongside it, allowing for the opportunity to ensure UK farming and agriculture adapts to a modernised technology fuelled society.

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