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Celebrate a Plastic Free Christmas at Your Farm


A plastic free Christmas must start from somewhere - why not pioneer the force with your farm produce?


Farm diversification is all about providing solutions to current trends. Without a doubt, one of the biggest trends right now has to be the plastic-free movement!


So, how can your land diversification project support this? Through providing plastic free products for your customers, of course! Whether it be plastic free christmas decorations, plastic free christmas presents, plastic free christmas wrapping paper, plastic free christmas crackers, or a plastic free christmas tree, the options are endless!


Your farm shop and farm produce could be instrumental in changing your local customers’ attitudes to plastic. Lead the way, and discover how to have a plastic free christmas on your land, right here…

These apples in a plastic bag are red and green, and look juicy and tasty

Plastic Free Farm Shop

One of the most popular ways to diversify your land is, quite simply, by selling your produce in your very own farm shop. Through this diversification project, it’s so simple to cut down on plastic, or simply avoid it altogether, in a number of ways.


Selling eco-friendly shopping bags, which can be reused time and again, is the perfect way to do this. Get your customers to bring their own reusable bags along, or encourage them to purchase your own ones in store, so they can make use of them time and again.


An even more Christmassy, and sustainable, way to sell your delicious farm produce could be in a hamper. We’ve written a blog post about putting together gorgeous Christmas hampers using your produce, which would make the perfect sustainable Christmas gift... Check it out, here.

Plastic Free Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are a fantastic surprise, but most contain plastic toys that are simply thrown away after they’re opened. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that no plastic christmas crackers are now becoming the norm in almost every supermarket.


Want a solution? How about using your brilliant farm produce to create bespoke Christmas crackers for your local customers?


If you’re already producing farm products, like jams, chutneys, wine, gin, and cheese, bespoke Christmas crackers can be made for all the family. By creating gorgeous paper Christmas crackers, filled with these delicious sustainable goods, you’ll change the face of Christmas.

Wrapping Christmas presents is one of the best ways to treat your family and friends during the festive period

Plastic Free Christmas Presents

Wrapping paper is one of the biggest devils when it comes to sustainability. In fact, every Christmas, around 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away! To add to this problem, most wrapping paper won’t be recyclable, due to the sticky tape and foil or glitter decorations adorning it.


To combat this, gift wrapping at your farm shop using sustainable materials, like paper or cardboard boxes, could work. Or, perhaps providing some alternatives for wrapping at your farm shop could be the way. For example, bee-wax wrapping paper is becoming a staple in many peoples’ kitchens, so why not use this for presents too?

Plastic Free Christmas Tree

A really fantastic way to diversify your land is through setting up a Christmas tree farm on your land. Not only is this a great method of diversification, it’s also a great way to steer your locals away from plastic christmas trees.


Plastic Christmas trees are certainly cheaper than real ones, and can last for years on end. But what happens when it wears out and you want a new one?


Christmas tree farms are the perfect solution, and a real Christmas tree, with its piney smell, is the best way to get into the Christmas spirit! To discover the ins and outs of setting up your own Christmas tree farm on your land, check out our blog post about it, here.

A plastic Christmas tree might be going out of fashion now, with the growing importance of sustainability

Ready For a Plastic Free Christmas?

There are hundreds of ways you can diversify your land, including farm shops, wine making, gin production, cheese making, and Christmas tree farming, amongst others. As you can see, many of these ideas lend themselves very well to the Christmas period, and can even become part of our modern sustainable thinking.


Do you think your farm produce could make a fantastic gift, and want to discover some plastic free ways to gift-wrap, market, and sell your products? Then come along to our Farm Business Innovation Show, at the NEC, Birmingham on 11th & 12th November with your FREE tickets!


Alternatively, if you think you have a sustainable product that could help a diversifying landowner sell their produce, then don’t hesitate to exhibit at next year’s show. Get in touch with the Event Director, Reece Morris, for more details, using the contacts below:

We can’t wait to meet you there!

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