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Shocktober: Get Inspired With a Spooky Farm Attraction



Take inspiration from Tulleys Farm’s Shocktober, and get some ideas for setting up your very own spooky farm attraction next Halloween!


Diversifying your land doesn’t have to be the same all year round. Take Tulleys Farm, in Crawley, for example, whose seasonal attractions draw visitors in from across the country. Every year, they adapt and change their land to suit seasonal celebrations, different demographics, and various other needs to maintain business year-round!


As nothing more than an average farm by day, you wouldn’t even know that, during the spooky season, Tulleys becomes a scare fest! If you feel inspired by Tulleys’ Shocktober, then get your FREE tickets to the Farm Business Innovation Show to meet the people who can help you make your very own spooky attraction a reality. Find out more, to get inspired, here...

This picture of blue smoke coming out of a pumpkin is a very spooky image

Tulleys Farm By Day

Throughout the year, Tulleys is open to visitors for traditional farming purposes. Not only do they grow seasonal vegetables, but they have their very own tea room, serving indulgent food and drink all day through. One of the more intriguing ways they remain open all year round is their collection of escape rooms, challenging their visitors with scares even in spring and summer.


During the spooky season, specifically, Tulleys farm have a fantastic 12-acre pumpkin patch for pick your own, where visitors can collect pumpkins to decorate their homes. They are also holding their spook fest, designed as an attraction for children between the ages of six to 13. This consists of numerous activities for children, including:


  • Creepy Cottage: a tour of a spooky hut.
  • Twisted Fun House: a spooky circus, which involves getting through a fun house full of twists and turns.
  • Spooky Trail and Spook Hunt: a treasure hunt in the maize maze.
  • Horrid Hayride: a terror hayride, where the kids ride along through the woods, and get spooked by actors.
  • Witch in the Woods: helping actor witches to mix potions.

Tulleys Farm Shocktober Fest Experience By Night

Every year, Tulleys Farm also opens its doors overnight for their haunted attractions. Shocktober Fest 2019 includes 10 of these haunts, which are designed to terrorise the visitors. Some of these include:


  • The Chop Shop: a scrapyard, owned by Billy Bob, who won’t let you escape without a fight…
  • The Cellar: actors take the part of malnourished scavengers; once human turned feral. When you are released into this haunted attraction, you are their prey, so get running!
  • The Wreckoning: a group of pirates, now land-locked, are looking to enforce their pirate laws on the land, murdering and pillaging as they go.
  • Wastelands Penitentiary: an apocalypse hit in 1998, leaving a wasteland in its wake. Since then, the survivors have adapted and, in the penitentiary, inmates now rule the roost, taking no prisoners.
  • The Creep Cottage: a pretty traditional haunted house, but with real-life actors to create the full jumpy experience.
  • Haunted Hayride: visitors are piled onto the back of a hay truck, and ridden through the forests of Tulleys Farm at night. Made-up actors, smoke machines, and spooky scenery are all part of this effective vehicle for scaring the visitors.


These are just some of the few ways that Tulleys farm terrify their visitors every year. By designing your very own spooky tours across your own land, you could create a fantastic experience for visitors, helping you to rake in profits for what proves to be a popular attraction!

A picture of a misty forest with a haunted house in the background

Host Your Very Own Shocktober Next Year...

We’ve already touched on diversifying into profitable projects that don’t take up your land all year round. For example, when diversifying into festivals, your land can be used once or twice a year for this, adding profits over a short period of time. Then, before and after the festival period, can be used to house livestock and other traditional farming tools and ideas.


Similarly, a spooky trail through your forest, or a number of haunted attractions, can be organised during the Halloween season. Then, when October draws to a close, you can either celebrate the other important seasons, like Easter and Christmas, or simply move back to traditional landholding purposes through the rest of the year.


At the Farm Innovation Show, meet the people who can take your Halloween idea from the very beginning to the very end. For example:


  • All Good in the Wood: helping you with spooky house constructions in your forest.
  • Brilliant Trails: building exciting woodland trails to entertain, excite, and frighten your visitors.
  • Meerkat Marquees: helping you to set up your very own haunted circus marquee.
  • Core Lighting: to light up your spooky trails and pathways to maintain health and safety during night-time activities.
  • Appetite Me: to help you with providing cafe and restaurant refreshments for your Halloween guests, or normal guests all year round.
  • Duncan & Toplis: providing you with all your business needs, including tax and assurance.
  • Web ticket Manager: to guide you with setting up an online ticket system.


Not only this, but your FREE ticket gets you access to adjoining shows, such as the Holiday Park Innovation Show, the Leisure F&B Expo, and the Family Attraction Expo. Here, we’ll be welcoming hundreds of exhibitors who could help you branch out into this new venture. From food and drink companies, to entertainment companies that could bring your scare attraction to life, there’s something for everything!

This trail sign leads visitors in the right direction, so they don't get lost on the trail

Create Your Very Own “Shocktober”

If you want to take your land to new heights during the spooky season, then get your FREE tickets to the Farm Business Innovation Show! On 6th & 7th November, at the NEC in Birmingham, you’ll have the chance to organise everything, from actors, to uniform, to buildings, to decorations, to marketing, and everything else in between.


We can’t wait to see you there so, next Halloween, your attraction can really take off!


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