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Monthly News Reel: What You Missed This September in the Farm Innovation World


Our monthly news reel is the best place for you to keep up with changes within the farming world. Stay one step ahead of the game, with us...


Diversifying your land is now one of the best ways to boost profits from your land. Need some inspiration? We’ve got just the solution!


At the Farm Business Innovation Show, our ultimate aim is to make sure you’re up-to-date with what other landowners are up to to provide inspiration for you to diversify. Your FREE ticket to the show will provide you with the means to do just that. In the meantime, you can get inspired, here...

This collection of old newspapers laid out on a table represents how quickly things change in the family attraction world

New Glamping Sites

As I’m sure you know, one of the many ways you can diversify your plot of land is through opening up a glamping site. This is what so many landowners are already doing. Even Defunct J's Amusement Park in Guerneville is being turned into a glamping resort - if they can, so can you! Take a look at some of the innovative ways this is being done:

An Old Airbus

If you’re looking for an exciting getaway that mimics a plane crash film set, then this old Etihad Airbus in Wales is just the spot. This 500-seater jumbo jet has been saved from a scrapyard destiny, and made into an unique glamping site for the adventurers out there.


With the old kitchen and emergency exits still intact, the plane still feels like it could take off at any minute!

A Glamping Pod

Plans have been submitted to Durham County Council this month for six new glamping pods near the Beamish Museum, alongside a small car park. The plans sound especially exciting seeing as the pods are set to be developed inside old train carriages. It seems there’s a vehicular glamping pattern building up!

Alternative Agriculture

These days, one of the most popular methods of diversifying is by steering away from traditional farming methods. Instead, farmers are maintaining the agricultural use of their land, but for alternative innovative methods.

This collection of mushrooms is a great representation of the competitive demand for more mushrooms in the UK

Mushroom Farm

Plans for a controversial mushroom farm have been set out, which are yet to be approved. The proposition sets forth seven plastic tunnels for the mushrooms to grow in, but residents fear that traffic will increase in the area due to these changes.


That said, it seems likely that plans will go ahead, as the mushroom farm is meeting the needs of a highly competitive and sought after product.

Sugar Farm

With Brexit on the way, the UK is seeking ways to improve the use of their land. With this in mind, a new Sugar Industry Programme, funded by NFU Sugar and British Sugar, has opened its doors. The scheme currently has thousands of members, but they’re accepting applications for people to learn more about this growing industry.


Sustainability is now becoming a key part in everybody’s lives, which is why the world of Farm Business is joining the force...

Innovative Farming Techniques

With land becoming scarce, it’s important that the farming industry takes action, and M&S is joining the cause. They’re purchasing their products from farmers who use vertical farming to grow produce. By stacking plants on top of one another using a tray system, land use is reduced, therefore boosting sustainability within the industry.

Plastic-Free Alternatives

Every year, the UK alone produces five million tonnes of plastic waste, and this needs to change. This is why growers across the industry are set to trial plastic-free alternatives.


In general, concerns have grown over the degradation of plastic films used to control weeds, amongst other problems. By researching genuine alternatives, they can be implemented across the board, to push sustainability throughout the sector.

This plastic bottle floating in the sea demonstrates the importance of going plastic free in every industry

Monthly News, Over and Out

This month, we’ve explored some of the few ways that you can diversify your land. At the Farm Business Innovation Show, on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, discover so many more methods to do this, so you can boost your profits dramatically.


Click here for your FREE ticket, and we can’t wait to welcome you there! Otherwise, join us for next months news reel to stay in-the-know with the latest diversification methods and techniques.

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