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“There’s Gold Under Them There Fields!”: is Your Land Hiding Rich Mineral Reserves

Are you sat on a collection of mineral reserves that you don’t know how to access? Don’t miss out on the chance to discover if your land is hiding a pot of gold!

Many landowners are well aware they are sitting on latent mineral reserves. That said, the barriers and complexities to realising them can easily lead to opportunities being placed in the ‘too difficult’ or ‘next year’ lists.

Land Logical’s recent experience of opening up a new sand and gravel quarry on 59 hectares of arable farmland on the Bedford Levels near Peterborough can perhaps provide the inspiration to ‘make a start’! Hear personally from the company to see how they can help you by getting your FREE ticket to the Farm Business Innovation Show. Otherwise, using this case study, you can see how Land Logical work with landowners to help them discover the gold under their land.

This birds eye view of a building site shows the way that Land Logical works to unearth mineral reserves

Bedford Mineral Reserves Case Study

The whole process, from identification of the extent and nature of the mineral reserves to the product being delivered ‘out of the gate’ took less than four years. As Land Logical CEO, Nick Katz, emphasises:

“Getting a project off-the-ground takes a great deal of effort, investment, and trust from both parties in the crucial pre-contract stages. A fair and mutually advantageous deal for the rights to win the aggregates was struck with the two farmers who owned the land. Key to success was flexibility and our commitment to delivering an award-winning quarry. I’m sure that the fact that we were an independent owner-managed business also helped.”

A “Green” Approach

A high quality winnable reserve of 3.7 million tonnes had been identified, but there were formidable planning and practical obstacles to be overcome. The Land Logical team were determined to go for the ‘greenest’ approach practically possible in planning and implementing the quarry development.

Although there were inevitably going to be impacts resulting from an excavation on such a large scale in a largely flat landscape, these were offset by the planting of some 19,000 trees in all. Potential archaeology was avoided through a creative approach to design.

Even more impressive is the commitment to recycling water used in the aggregate washing plant – 350,000 litres of water per hour. Also, the exclusive use of renewable energy in its fully-electric processing plant – the first of its type in the UK supported by green power production - made a huge difference.

Using Teamwork

Another key feature in achieving the quickest and best possible return on the investment, has been a willingness to work with the local community to address their concerns, and a commitment to the use of local contractors and employment where possible.

Overall, it took Land Logical less than nine months to enable the new quarry to become operational, post-planning and highways agreements. Six phases of mineral extraction over 20 years will be progressively restored to productive agriculture through the importation of inert materials.

A New Project

With Pasture House Quarry up-and-running, Land Logical have now embarked on another quarry project, close by in Huntingdon. This time, it’s based on opening-up land previously worked for minerals, but where extraction had not been completed.

In this situation, the planning and consenting process from agreement to start on site will be much quicker as a consequence. The business model being employed here is a collaboration with the landowner as opposed to purchase, but the same approach to mutuality of benefit is what has driven the successful outcome.

This Land Logical digger is extracting the land to discover the mineral reserves beneath

Food for Thought?

Want to discover more about how Land Logical could help you? Then head on over to the Farm Business Innovation Show, on the 6th & 7th November at Birmingham NEC, to meet them in person! Get your FREE ticket to the show, and ask them all your burning questions, in person.

Otherwise, find out more from Land Logical, today, about quarrying and land restoration opportunities:




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