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Monthly News Reel: What You Missed This August in the Farming World

Want to discover more about the latest farm business innovations? Find out the latest industry developments, in our monthly news reel, so you can stay ahead of the game!

To survive as a farmer or landowner in today’s world, innovation must be at the forefront of your mind. That said, staying on top of the newest trends can sometimes be daunting, and you may not always have the time to do so.

That’s why we, at the Farm Business Innovation Show, are giving away FREE tickets to our show, specifically designed to help you out. We understand that the life of a farmer is tough, so we want to make your life as simple as possible. Keep on top of the industry news, each month, with our monthly news, this August…

The daily news is something you should always keep up with

Vamp up the Glamp

With glamping becoming an ever-popular trend, companies are continually pushing the boat out to vamp up the glamping experience!


We’ve all seen wedding buses, or prom double-deckers. Say hello to the double-decker bus glamping destination, where you’ll experience the full works of a gorgeous hotel, from the inside of a London bus!

The Daisy Decker is a stationary bus, painted green, which sits right beside the rolling fields of Yorkshire. With a comfortable double bed, an outdoor decking area, wooden kitchen tops, with pastel-painted cupboards - the list goes on - perhaps this could be your new English countryside destination!


Tucked away in the moors of Scotland, a retired Navy helicopter stands, welcoming in families to sleep overnight! With a single bed tucked away in the helicopter tail, as well as a double and triple bed, this glamping wonder sleeps six people. If you want to switch up your family holiday, this could definitely be the way to do it.

World News

With Brexit around the corner, it may seem as though all eyes are focused on Britain’s departure from the EU, in terms of the farming world. Well, in that, you’d be wrong, as the major superpowers are also facing major industry issues...

The Real Truth

Due to modern agricultural methods, recent studies have shown that America's agriculture is now 48 times more toxic than it was 25 years ago! This toxicity is actually a major threat to the local wildlife, including the vital insects and birds that populate the local areas. In time, this really could have a knock-on effect on not just the people of America, but the entire world!

China Leaves US Agriculture

Last year alone, China purchased $5.9 billion of farm produce from American soil, making up 60 percent of the US soybean trade. However, this year, China are pulling out from trade with the US, seeking these resources from elsewhere. Although this could majorly benefit the rest of the world, through new trade with China, only time will tell how deeply this may affect the American economy.

The Great Wall of China, dividing the trees either side, demonstrates the link between China, and America's agriculture

Bug Ranching

All we hear these days, when it comes to insects, is how they may become the next edible treat! With this in mind, provisions must be made in order to meet this demand. Logan the bug rancher has done just that, raising six species of insects for human consumption. He’s currently working on introducing three more species to his collection.

Logan’s mission makes it clear that edible bugs are not just a fad - they’re here to stay. With this in mind, diversifying into this robust, and newly increasing trend, could really put you ahead of the rest.

Boardmasters Saviour

Mid-month was a complete disaster for many excited festival-goers. With weather concerns set to head to the Cornwall coast, Boardmasters organisers had to cancel this much apprehended event. This left many ticket-holders with an empty weekend, in rainy Newquay.

Not to worry though! Clifford Mitchell, the owner of Golden Gate Farm & Campsite, saved the day, by opening his gates to these stranded holiday-makers. Despite the rain and storm, it provided numerous excited young people with an outlet to enjoy their weekend away.

A large group of people having fun at a festival

All Wrapped Up

So, it’s not all bad news in the farming world. There is hope, in a number of ways, and we, at the Farm Business Innovation Show, want to always keep this hope at the forefront.

If you want to keep up with all the ways you could diversify your land in fantastic new ways, our blog will keep you in-the-know. Otherwise, we’ll see you next month, for another monthly news reel!

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