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Glamping Goals: Waste Disposal Flat-Tanks With Glampsan


Meet our latest exhibitor, Glampsan Water & Waste Solutions, the experts in all things waste disposal.

Glampsan's Flat-Tanks are ideal to be used at your glamping site, to deal with all that nasty waste from your lovely glamping guests. This is just one of the many factors to consider when setting up your very own hospitality venue on your land, so don't forget a single thing, with us!At the Farm Business Innovation Show, you can meet Glampsan, and so many other exhibitors, to help you find out about all the nitty gritty business ideas that you wouldn't normally think about. Get your FREE tickets to the show to meet the companies who can help you out. In the meantime, let’s explore the various benefits of their waste tanks! 

Glampsan's Logo

Glampsan’s Tankology

Glampsan is part of Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Ltd, and have been selling their Flat-Tanks for a long while now. The company has a lot of waste sanitation and effluent-handling expertise, hence why they started up Glampsan.

Glampsan Flat-Tanks lead the market in plastic lightweight, durable effluent waste tanks, which last for years (even decades). They have been supplying these waste sanitation solutions for outdoor events and construction sites all over the UK. Now, they’re providing their knowledge, advice, and advanced engineered, innovative, and environmentally-friendly products for the glamping sector as well.

The Problems of Waste Disposal, and Glampsan’s Solutions

Glamping sites tend to be off-grid (that is, unable to connect to mains sewers) and, often, planning precludes soak-away septic tank solutions. Planning can also delay you setting up your glamp-camp-gig. What’s more self-contained sewage solutions are—for many glamping businesses—complicated and expensive investments.

Glampsan’s wastewater tanks offer a cost-effective and straightforward solution to hold effluent, that can then be collected by a removal tanker that comes along at scheduled times.

Glampers Produce a Lot of Waste

You might not have considered this, but it’s quite astonishing how much waste your glamping family guests can produce. Those bothersome issues need containing, so your glamping guests remain healthy and unaware as to what’s going on behind the scenes.

Glampsan’s Flat-Tanks neatly slide under a shepherd’s hut, log cabin, or any raised glamping tent or unit. The effluent tanks and sewage pumps can handle waste to be contained off to one side (out of sight), for a group of treehouses or any other glamping accommodation.

A group of illustrations of Glampsan's waste disposal products

How Glampsan Can Help Your Glamping Business

Glampsan make waste collection tanks in many sizes, including:

  • The Mini-Tuff-Tanks, starting at 160-Gallons.
  • The larger Tuff-Tanks, ranging from TT-500, TT-750, TT-1000-Gallon tanks. 

You can even couple their tanks together for larger capacities too.

To add to this, Glampsan’s effluent tanks come in all sorts of colours. Perfect for matching your site design and feel!

At Glampsan, they go even further for their customers. For example, they often help businesses to select the right sized tank for their glamp-camp-gig, to optimise their overall costs. It’s actually a balance of tank cost, storage size, and the tanker cost of liquid waste removal.

Glampsan also have expertise in helping you to site your tank appropriately, and how to use their pumped solutions to take waste to a convenient location, near or far. So, if you need some advice, simply pick up the phone, and they’ll be happy to help you.

Let’s Look at a Case Study...

A glamping customer ordered Glampsan’s largest tank (TT-1000) to serve two glamping units. The tank was partially buried and sited nearby, so the tanker could easily rock up and take away the waste at appropriate times.

Choosing the biggest tank meant that waste could be held for a more extended period between tanker collections, thus optimising the cost of removal. That also meant the tanker could be timed to remove effluent between guest changeover times at the end of the week, for instance.

Glampsan's products in more technical terms

Going Glamping? Go For Glampsan!

Whatever your glamping idea, Glampsan have the right sized tank, and other effluent waste products, for any type of glamping accommodation. Whether it be huts, caravans, camping sites, luxury wigwams, treehouses, pods, treehouse, or cabins experience, they’ve got it all.

Glampsan are self-acclaimed users of social media, and are sure to keep their customers, old and new, updated. Check out their socials, below:





Whatever your glamp, they have your tank!

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