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Zimmer & Peacock are passionate about sensors, biosensors and medical diagnostics. We are the worlds largest manufacturer of screen printed electrodes and are in the process of developing a nitrate sensor in partnership with PBL Technology and JIC.  ZP AgTech is subcomponent of Zimmer & Peacock which focusses on the development of the nitrate sensors. These sensors are mounted on unique rods which can be inserted to the soil to give farmers and agronomists the ability to monitor and manage the effectiveness of their fertilizer applications. The inclusion of wireless transmission modules allows for information to be accessed remotely and a fleet of sensor data to be sent to the cloud for viewing and processing.  We are looking for farmers and agronomists who are interested in optimising their production through the use of precision farming to help test these nitrate sensors which will see them benefit from the resulting data whilst also helping Zimmer & Peacock to improve and develop the technology.

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