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Vine Care UK is the country's leading specialist in vineyard establishment, labour provision and vineyard management.

Thinking of planting a vineyard?

We can guide you through every step of the process, from finding suitable land and evaluating its composition and climatic conditions, to helping you choose the right vine varieties for current and future markets.

We work with the best nurseries in France, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg to find the correct clones and rootstocks to match your soil type and to produce the style of wine that you want. We can also advise on which contract wineries will be most likely to turn your fruit into award winning wines.

We`ll design your vineyard using digital mapping and share our experience to get the best out of your different varieties by planting them in the most suited locations within your site.

Your vines can either be planted using GPS machine or by hand. We will look at the configuration of your land and advise you on the benefits of both. Our vineyard manager will ensure your vines are planted in a way that achieves optimum results. It's a very exciting time for the UK wine industry. Get in touch!

Tel: 07971928015

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