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Unison Process Solutions 

Innovation inspired by expertise.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of process solutions, At Unison, we specialise in liquid processing. We manufacture and supply state-of the-art systems specialising in pasteurisers, homogenisers, separators, heat exchangers, pumps, and valves.

A team of experts in dairy processing and milk vending, our aim is to make dairy production as user-friendly and cost-effective as possible. We have helped dairy farmers worldwide to set up and succeed in selling their milk directly to their customers. 

A trend in Europe initially, milk vending is becoming increasingly popular in the UK with farmers seeing a price increase of over 700% per litre of milk by selling directly to their customers. Along with additional profit it is a great way to diversify your farm and increases sustainability with the use of glass bottles instead of plastic packaging. 

Over the past number of years we have been working closely with farmers all over the UK to help them perfect their process and get more value from their milk.

At Unison, our aim is to make milk vending easier! At the show we are launching our Smart Microdairy™, a fully hygienic enclosed room that includes everything you need to pasteurise milk and sell directly to your customers. 

The Smart Microdairy™ is a quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free solution that cuts your setup costs by half and that can be up and running within 2 days of delivery. 

No more time wasted with paperwork, planning permission, building or managing contractors.

We also have an innovative range of plug-and-play compact pasteurisers that are 100% Automatic with one-touch operation. Using the Continuous HTST (High Temperature, Short Time) method of pasteurisation our pasteurisers are much faster and more Economical than traditional batch pasteurisers. 

For Dairy Farmers that want a high quality, cost-effective pasteuriser, our compact pasteurisers are an innovative solution. Traditionally producers had two choices: invest heavily in much larger equipment than they required or settle for batch pasteurisers which can be very laborious and time-consuming. Studies have also shown that batch and continuous pasteurisation result in the exact same quality of milk but Unison’s continuous pasteurisers can be three times faster, use 10 times less energy and can result in savings of over £2800 a year vs a batch pasteuriser.

Our main aim is making your production as user-friendly and cost-effective as possible. We have helped Dairy farmers all over the UK to set up and succeed in selling their milk direct to their customers. Take the first step towards getting more value for your milk by visiting our stand and checking out our Smart Microdairy™ or compact pasteuriser today. 

Unison Process Solutions, your partner in innovative processing. 

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