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Trak365 Ltd

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Trak365 provide IoT solutions to the Industrial and Agricultural Sectors. We have developed a range of intelligent IoT products, plus a Cloud Platform to manage & configure our devices remotely, providing real-time monitoring with visualisations & data download. We use third-party low-frequency gateways and can deploy both private and public networks.

Our versatile devices (endpoints) are battery powered, contain a number of built-in sensors and act as a communications hub for externally connected sensors and actuators (e.g. switching machinery on or off automatically). Any standard analogue and digital `off-the-shelf` sensors can be connected to our endpoints. Where there are existing, serviceable digital and analogue sensors or data loggers these can be IoT enabled simply by connecting to our endpoints.

Our solutions can be deployed inside buildings, as well as outside. We provide GPS-enabled products for precision deployment within the environment, which also provide a geo-fencing capability. We have a smaller version endpoint containing the same functionality as the main product, except without the GPS.

Trak365 can also provide bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs based on our standard or smaller version product.

We provide an integrated solution that works. You have secure access to your devices through our Cloud Platform. We put you in control.

Come and meet us at Stand FR594 to have a chat and find out so much more.

Tel: +447503696264

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