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The Pebble

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The Pebble, a game changing architecturally designed sustainable holiday home.

Through the combination of beautiful intelligent design, more sustainable materials and modern manufacturing technology we can create better spaces that exceed people`s expectations and reduce the impact buildings have on the environment.

We believe in rethinking our ways, challenging the present and improving the future.

What is the Pebble?

The Pebble is a space. A building that can be used for micro living, as a luxury hotel suite, holiday cabin or commercial venue. Manufactured using new technologies that allow the precise fabrication of materials it is significant in its build, material choice and geometry.


The Pebble has the qualities of a modern building whilst being light-weight and movable. Built for disassembly, eventual decommission is given equal importance to that of initial construction.

3D design planning, enabling full CNC production, facilitates economies of scale and allows the fabrication of materials in previously unachievable ways which has expanded what is possible in the design and creation of a more efficient organic space.

Each component digitally modelled and machined to efficiently produce a prefabricated building that is quick to manufacture, deliver and build. It has been conceived to make it especially suitable for construction in hard-to-access areas. Every part is sized to be easily handled, transported and assembled on site by a few individuals with basic tools.

Designed to exceed BS3632 and dimensioned to be permissible under permitted development rights, a highly insulated interlocking panel system, made from engineered wood, creates a distinctive oval shaped building with a floor area of 40m2 , a total length and width of 10.7m x 6.7m, and an internal ceiling height of 3m.

A curved double-glazed recyclable plastic window makes up a quarter of the facade creating a unique connection to daylight, nature and the night sky. Incorporating a heated five-meter-long arced seating area, it offers relaxing views through the window that wraps above and around.

Material Choice

The use of engineered wood and wood based insulation lowers the Pebble`s carbon footprint and stores CO2. Combining renewable laminated veneer lumber with recyclable plastics enables the construction of a stronger structure that uses less materials and demands fewer natural resources.

The principle of machining sheet materials combined with the geometry of the structure offers countless possibilities for individualisation and budgets. The structural design and manufacturing process enables the substitution of ever more advanced and ecological materials as they become available in the future. We are currently exploring the use of bio-plastics to replace the current petro-plastics used for the window, making the Pebble even more sustainable.


Ellipsoid in shape the Pebble`s geometry, inspired by Buckminster Fuller`s geodesic dome designs, focuses on maximising usable space with fewer materials. In comparison to circular structures its oval shape allows for a more efficient division of internal space and compared to box-like structures it`s curved surfaces utilise fewer materials.

Having curved surfaces the Pebble has a smaller surface area from which to lose or attract heat reducing its demand on energy for heating and cooling. Curved surfaces also allow a more fluid circulation of air enabling better heat distribution.

The organic form has a unique relationship to nature. The external curves interacting and blending into the natural environment, reducing its visual impact. The internal shape maximising the use of the living area by giving space where needed and reducing the demand on materials where not.

Standing on a ground screw foundations the Pebble is centred slightly off the ground to aid insulation, protect the ground habitat and allow the free drainage of surface water.

As a tension structure its oval shape is self-supporting so needs no internal walls. Based on a large single room with an entrance and concealed technical area it can be partitioned into multiple spaces depending on need. Open plan with galley kitchen and bathroom or separated living and sleeping areas, the design allows for many potential layouts and enables the personalisation of the space for all needs and end uses.

The Pebble, a game changing architecturally designed leisure home creating a life style experience your guests will want to revisit time and again.

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