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Stoford Developments Ltd

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Stoford is a privately owned business based in Birmingham, specialising in the promotion and development of land. We are looking forward to speaking with landowners, farmers and estate owners at the FBI 2019 event, who have a potential interest in unlocking their land`s value through development.

Stoford`s portfolio already manages over 1,000 acres of strategic land across the whole of the UK. We work with landowners, to promote land through the planning system and develop it. We use our in house expertise including development and construction managers and planning advice to identify sites for development, and manage these through the planning process towards securing a planning permission, and managing the building contract through to completion. We offer a true partnership offering landowners the possibility to not only benefit from the change in value from the planning process but also a share in the development profits from the land.

Come along and have an informal chat with a member of our team at stand FR780 to discuss any potential opportunities you might have that we could develop together.

We are a Director led business and will provide you a bespoke experience and the highest quality advice when working alongside us. Working with Stoford, it`s all about your land and your value. It`s about unlocking your land`s value, making your land work for you.

Tel: 0121 234 6699

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