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Geodesic domes are inspired by nature. They make ideal greenhouses, shelters, workshops, camping/glamping pods and much more. Their geometric design makes the structures strong and able to withstand high winds. 

Our range of domes come in different sizes, from 2.5m to 5.5m, although customised domes of any size can be designed to suit your needs. The construction materials used for the frame of the domes are treated and of graded timber to ensure longevity of the structure. They are also designed in such a way that if any part of the dome should need repair, then each individual triangle can be unscrewed, removed, maintained and replaced with ease.

Great for gardeners looking for an affordable space to use as a greenhouse.  Ideal as unique glamping pods or garden ‘spare rooms’.  Aesthetically pleasing but more efficient in heating and maintaining than some other options on the market.  Perfect as shelters, office spaces, and social gathering points.

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