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The independent consultancy helping you make more from energy.
The Roadnight Taylor team of genuine energy experts has over 100 years of grid and energy experience spanning many technologies and sectors, including renewable generation, energy storage, flexible generation, demand management, grid connections, electric vehicle charging, microgrids, tariff structures and metering arrangements.
Their independent and unique approach gives clients the best chance of maximising their return on investment, choosing the best developer, contractor or suppliers, negotiating the most favourable terms, generating the highest revenues and ensuring they don`t get mis-sold in the increasingly complex energy market.
Among many services, Roadnight Taylor can offer:
• Stop/GoTM Study - identifies if you have genuine opportunities for lucrative ground rents from large-scale solar, genset or battery storage sites
• TrafficLight Study - establishes if you have genuine investment opportunities in behind-the-meter renewables and/or storage
• PV Healthcheck - checks if existing solar arrays are performing financially and receive bespoke recommendations to ensure your maximum ongoing financial performance
• Investment appraisal - an independent and expert assessment of third-party renewables, energy storage or flexible generation proposals or quotations to ensure you are investing wisely
• Strategic Energy Review - holistically reviews energy issues and opportunities for rural estates or property portfolios to examine how energy can make existing businesses more competitive and enable growth or diversification
• Tariff and Metering Reviews - minimising energy bills through an expert review and recommendations for contracts, tariff structures, site metering arrangements and supply agreements
• Grid connection services - allowing business to develop through appraisal of sites and local grid, design of cost-effective grid connections or alternative connection arrangements, connection applications, microgrids and grid rights and project management

Tel: 01993 830 571

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