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If you run a glamping or camp site, or just want a unique structure on your land, then the Qorone offers a fabulous alternative to other forms of accommodation and structure to be found out there today. Grab the attention of potential visitors with this truly unique, beautiful, cosy and welcoming space.

Handmade in Somerset using locally sourced timber, Qorones have a quirky, attractive appearance that will add character in any surroundings. Solidly built and very low maintenance, our structures have been designed with simplicity in mind. 

We hand-finish each wall, paying attention to the features in the wood so that every wall is unique and the whole structure comes together with a rustic and cosy appeal.

The fireplace or woodburner at the centre of our structures is an integral part of the design, and is in fact where the structure's origins lie, for it was in creating an all-weather fireside venue that the Qorone was born. By adding a flue over the fire bowl, and extending the backs of the seats up to become walls, it became possible to cover the space in canvas. From this evolved the unique roof structure that is a signature of the Qorone.

Our polygonal structures come in a variety of sizes, from 5m diameter (8 sides) to 13m diameter (20 sides) and everything in between. This provides a really versatile and flexible space that can be used for many things... cosy glamping accommodation; campsite hub or firespace; covered area for activities such as yoga or workshops; dining or picnic area; and the larger sizes can accommodate wedding parties and other events.

We hope you can visit us at the show and step inside our welcoming structure to experience its unique appeal!

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