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National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN)

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NFAN is the only National Independent UK consortium for farmers, landowners and tenants who have diversified into rural leisure & tourism on farms. With over 200 members, NFAN delivers professional specialist advice, support and assistance across a number of areas and provides over 10 networking events annually.

NFAN assisted the HSE in creating the Industry Code of Practice, which provides guidelines on how visitors to farm and rural attractions should interact with animals. NFAN now helps Members interpret the guidelines. NFAN has also launched the new Animal Attraction Assured (AAA) certification scheme. This benchmark standard is an annual audit of compliance with the Industry Code of Practice and can offer significant savings on insurance premiums for certified venues.

Whether you are starting an attraction or have been established for years, you will discover real benefits in being a NFAN member. Visit us on stand FR773 or go to

Tel: 03333448987

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