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Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd

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A standalone, modular and highly portable Solar Charging Station. Designed and manufactured in the UK by the team at Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd, the Solar Charging Can provides sustainable silent off-grid power for Glamping, Disaster Relief, Camps, Mobile Clinics, NGOs & rural Communities.

It is modular (can be easily adapted to different scenarios) and has been designed to be reliable in hostile environments, such as Refugee Camps and Disaster relief or the middle of a field, with a 10 year + service life. All parts can be replaced in situ.

All contained within the robust portable recycled Drum as standard :

• Multiple 5v-12v charging outlets (Radios/Phones/Tablets/GPS)

• 220Ah + deep cycle Batteries

• 140W + waterproof flexible Sun-Power solar panel

• Lockable Steel control & Charging box

• Plug & Play wiring loom

• 2m Steel or 3m telescopic aluminium pole

• Service life 10 years +

Optional accessories to add at manufacture or later date (pre-wired as standard) :

• Upgrade to 280W or 400W Solar

• Upgrade to 280Ah AGM Batteries

• Remote infra-red CCTV

• Multi-Channel WiFi or Satellite Communications

• Inverter (for laptops & medical equipment including portable Ultrasound etc)

• LED Floodlights

• Removable 50-110Ah 5v-24v super Power Banks

• Totalcool water evaporative cooler (reduces temperature by 45% in enclosed spaces)

Most suitable if you require silent, maintenance-free Drop & Go power either static or temporary for :

• Glamping sites to remove the expense and safety implications of running AC cables for power

• NGO Staff & Support Staff (particularly in Camps & Natural Disaster relief and Restructuring)

• Mobile Clinics

• Security

• Rural Areas with no power i.e. Glamping, Events

• Areas with restricted vehicular access

• Conservation & Anti-Poaching

Modular, easy to store, move, set up and dismantle. Self-contained, there is no need for electrical leads/Electricians/refuelling/maintenance during a deployment.

Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd has specialised in reliable portable power for 8 years. We have powered expeditions across the Arctic, Antarctic, Himalayas, Gobi, Atlantic (solo rowing) and for the Madex Madagascar Medical expedition, which was the first time portable ultra-sound had been powered off-grid.

Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd

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