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“The bottle wash system has made life a lot easier!” 


To boost its sustainability and save labour, Winsbury Dairy in Chirbury, near Montgomery chose a Meiko bottle washing system


Before Meiko, explains Winsbury’s Ellie Beavan, the dairy spent ‘hours and hours’ double handling returned milk bottles; pre-washing and rinsing in a sink before a second wash in a small glass washer.


Now the backlog has gone and “the bottles go straight into the Meiko bottle washer where they are washed,  heated to 80 degC (sterilised) and come out dry.” 


The Dairy supplies farm fresh milk and milkshakes to the consumer and catering market using milk vending machines and sustainable glass bottles. 


Winsbury uses a gentle slow pasteurising process which it says, retains more calcium and other nutrients.


Ellie is passionate about the nutritional benefits of Winsbury milk. 


“We have had really great service, fantastic product and reliability from Meiko,” says Ellie. “The bottle wash system has made life a lot easier!” 


Ask us how we can help your dairy or farm shop sustainably reuse bottles... and watch the bottle wash system in action in the video below, at Loose Cannon Brewery.

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