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As well as providing substantial energy and cost savings, ground source technology can help rural businesses diversify and make more money from their land and business.

Ground source is the lowest cost, most efficient renewable heating technology there is! Producing three times as much energy as they consume, ground source heat pumps offer a wholly self-sufficient heating and cooling solution. As a non-combustion heat source, ground source heat pumps produce no point of use emissions, lessening the onus of offsetting carbon through planting.

Ground source is particularly suited to agricultural businesses with readily available land or water sources for ground arrays, which can still be used for crops or grazing. Ground source heat pump systems can be easily integrated with on-site electrical generation such as hydro, Solar PV or wind. Switched on farmers are directing this surplus heat energy into income-generating activities such as drying by-products for selling, like manure for fertilizer, or rock salt for crisps, or for maintaining the warm ambient conditions required for hydroponics.

The diversification opportunities are endless - harvest free heat and sow the seeds of new business opportunities and with ground source.

Kensa Heat Pumps is proud to have been manufacturing market-leading and award-winning ground source heat pumps in the UK since 1999. Contact us for expert advice.

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