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Kensa Heat Pumps

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As well as providing substantial energy and cost savings, the business case for ground source heat pumps is very compelling.

Ground source heat pumps are eligible for the highest heating tariff available through the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, amply repaying capital costs, without the hassle users of biomass and the RHI will be familiar with. Landowners can access fixed quarterly payments over 20 years for the renewable heat their system generates from their land or water sources, which can still be used for crops or grazing.

As a non-combustion heat source, ground source heat pumps produce no point of use emissions, lessening the onus of offsetting carbon through planting. Producing three times as much energy as they consume, if coupled with on-site electrical generation such as hydro, Solar PV or wind turbines, ground source heat pumps offer a wholly self-sufficient heating and cooling solution whilst enabling diversification opportunities.

Switched on farmers are directing this heat energy into new business avenues, such as drying by-products for selling like manure for fertilizer, or rock salt for crisps, or maintaining constant warm temperatures for the ambient conditions required for hydroponics.

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