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Greenspace Architects Ltd is an eco-architectural practice with extensive experience of producing high quality, low energy and carefully crafted architecture, creating fantastic spaces and places underpinned by sustainable design principles. We work closely with landowners of country and agricultural estates to realise the potential of their buildings and land. Our approach is based on dialogue and collaboration: we listen carefully to you, our client, to establish a strategic brief - often based around the development of a strategic masterplan in the first instance - then help develop the brief into a project that will exceed your expectations, bringing our experience to bear to realise the opportunities the brief presents. We encourage you to `dream`, to draw-out your true aspirations for your project, then find a way to attain the most important elements for the available funds. We believe in `quality of thought`: we do not just do what we are asked or what is easy, we question everything then take you on a journey to discover the solution through exploration and dialogue. Your contribution is vital to the success of a good project. This may involve new uses for redundant buildings, re-purposing existing uses or new development on parts of the estate. Central to our philosophy is the desire that all projects undertaken - whether small alterations to a house, the restoration of a listed building or a large commercial development - will be sustainable in the widest sense. We aim to increase the energy efficiency - and therefore reduce energy bills and carbon emissions - of existing buildings or create highly efficient eco-friendly new buildings, whilst in all cases improving the look, feel and usage of a building or place. Architecture should be of its place and time to contribute to the rich fabric of our towns, villages and countryside. Local materials can be employed on structures developed from - not resembling - local forms and combined with new materials, technical advances and radical ideas to address the issues of the day, such as climate change. We are at the forefront of meeting The Retrofit Challenge in the region but `Sustainability` is not just environmental: it encompasses economic and social aspects too, so our work is focused on `people and places`, using buildings and the spaces in between to enhance the local environment. Buildings should not be a burden on either you or society: they should be beautiful, low maintenance, low energy and above all: work. The Retrofit Challenge is an absolutely key issue to get people out of fuel poverty and to improve their comfort; this should be used for wider improvements to the environment as a bonus, such as with overcladding existing structures. But however efficient or clever a thing is, it will not be sustainable if the users do not love it: it will quickly be discarded. The quality of space, access to sunlight, harnessing of views, links to outdoors, materials and colours - all must be orchestrated to ensure every day is a delight. Architectural sensibilities should not be sacrificed in pursuit of a technical solution.

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