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Green Mile Trees

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Experts in growing trees, conifers, instant hedging, topiary and shrubs for gardens, landscapes and public spaces.

Green Mile Trees is a Nottinghamshire-based nursery with over 70000 trees, conifers, instant hedging and topiary in production. Widely available to 6 metres in height, in containers as well as in the ground, Green Mile are a long-standing reputable grower and supplier to private individuals, estate managers, landscapers and other growers. Green Mile Trees offer large trees and instant hedging for instant structure, architectural impact and a practical screening solution or statement in any garden or landscape.

The small, friendly, experienced team at Green Mile helps customers in their tree selection to ensure the best, most appropriate variety is offered for foliage type, cover, ground conditions, flower or purpose. A family business since it was founded in the early 1970's, the team continue to develop their Midlands-based nursery to grow, supply and deliver their trees, hedging and shrub varieties across the UK to private and commercial clients.

Tel: 01777 702422

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