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Fontus Water

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Fontus Water - renewable water and energy drilling solutions

Aquifer and ground source boreholes connect you to your "own" renewable resources. Why spend for utilities that should be invested into your business?

We're different in that we design and make our own compact rigs with VLIG, designed for simplicity and reliability our ultra compact product allows access to almost any garden gate yet powerful enough to drill 100m+ without breaking a sweat.

We assess your location and work with GSHP companies to give you the honest information of your resource potential before you make a decision. Our hydrogeology, geothermal and heat loss calculation report give you the actual facts to change the way you run your business... for ever.

We are moving into a new era for energy requiring a change in mindset for homes and businesses alike. We are all learning as we go, and as such we support you spreading the word. What's the saying.. teach a man to fish...well, we recognise the revolution is coming and want to help. We also sell our GTC-100 mobile drilling rig, straight from manufacturing, putting the power in your hands.

Tel: 07366 239433

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