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FDomes is a geodesic domes’ manufacturer providing deluxe outdoor lodgings that offer 5-star hotel-like standards. The brand was launched in 2016 as a branch of Freedomes which had been on the event market since 2008. FDomes products are manufactured from the highest quality materials, in own facilities in Poland. They are produced from scratch with the usage of the unique equipment designed for this aim by the FDomes engineers. The company offers a complex glamping solution including luxury FDomes Glamping spherical tents, Premium Modules, and designer furniture sets to choose from.

FDomes Glamping

FDomes Glamping are versatile, portable, out-of-the-box geodesic dome kits, providing high-standard accommodation to the hospitality industry. The unconventional shape and unique airy interiors make geodomes stand out among other types of tents and outdoor accommodations. They are, therefore, a phenomenal choice for landowners, holiday parks, campsites, hotels, and resort owners to diversify and boost their business. FDomes provides a fully-featured, high-standard accommodation that does not require a permanent attachment to the ground. Therefore, FDomes Glamping is a suitable solution for the resorts planned in the most remote destinations, even those located on lands with building code restrictions. The structure blends perfectly into the natural surroundings, even though it offers a modern exterior design and luxurious interiors. It has been enriched with a solar power fan as well as quality-assured insulation to provide comfortable conditions at the dome and minimize its impact on the environment at the same time. Thanks to FDomes’ additional accessories and appliances such as a woodburner, insulation liner, or curtains, not only is the FDomes Glamping resistant to weather conditions but also amazingly cozy.

Premium Modules

To make the interior even more luxurious FDomes has introduced a bespoke all-in cubitat divided by function, including a fully equipped bathroom, a sleek and modern kitchen, a cozy bedroom, and a functional loft bed. All these in a plug&play and mix&match model available for all types of hospitality accommodation. Just connect water, sewage and electricity, and you are ready to accommodate your first visitors.

Furniture sets

FDomes offers four types of furniture sets to enrich the interiors: Rose & Ginger, Shadow Blue, Rose & Plum, and Moss Green. Divided into living spaces, like a living room or a dining room, they are carefully selected to suit any dome size.

LAGO Sauna

In response to the glamping owners’ needs, FDomes introduces a unique LAGO Sauna in three different versions:

- Floating LAGO - An innovative sauna solution to be located in any type of water tank. Intensify the experience by offering deep relaxation in a hot Lago first, and a refreshing bath in the surrounding water right after.

- LAGO on Wheels - Choose a portable sauna to place it among the most breathtaking landscapes. Thanks to the product’s mobility, you can easily change its location to surprise your Guests and provide an entirely new experience. Decide on this version if you run more than one resort or desire to take it with you wherever you go. 

- Ground Based LAGO - Create a resort offering Sauna services to its Guests in one dedicated location. This LAGO version is placed on the ground and immerses entirely in the surroundings thanks to a modern but nature-inspired design of the amenity.

FDomes offers its Clients unconventional glamping accommodation. The combination of nature proximity and a sense of comfort and luxury results in a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Attract your Guests with a unique place to stay by powering your resort with FDomes products.

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