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Farm Finance Limited

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Nationwide Non-Status Finance for Business Purposes

Farm Finance Limited is a specialist mortgage lender focused on making secured loans more accessible to British businesses. We provide bridging, development, and bespoke finance solutions. We pride ourselves on a personal service, we don’t just punch numbers into a computer and wait for an answer – we work with independent finance advisors and industry associations to arrange lending solutions that meet their clients’ needs.



Where capital is needed to diversify farming businesses and create additional income.

Bridge to Term

When time is needed to prove viability before refinancing with the high street.

Property Development

Refurbishing of outbuildings or the construction of a multi-million-pound development.

Change of Use

Finance to develop, renovate or repair property for appreciation and income.

Purchase New Property

Opportunities to expand holdings by acquiring a property.

Debt Consolidation

Restructuring debts allowing clients to regain financial control, increase profits and plan ahead.

Renewable energy

Green projects can be a great source of additional income. Expansion

Any project to expand livestock holdings, machinery and working capital.

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Our loans are available for any credible business purpose

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Geography England, Wales, Scotland

Security 1st and 2nd charge

Monthly Interest Rates Starting from 0.75%

Repayment Method Interest Only, Rolled up and Repayment options available

Minimum Loan £26,000

Maximum Loan £4,000,000+

LTV’s Up to 75% using the OMV

Loan Term 1-24 months

Fees Broker and Procurement Fees available

Applicants Individuals, Partnerships, Limited Companies (inc. SPV’s)

Adverse Credit Adverse credit is accepted, we are true asset-based lenders

Age 18+ (no upper limit)

CCJ CCJ applicants welcome

Bankruptcy Bankrupt applicants welcome providing bankruptcy can be annulled

We can close a loan in 24 hours!

Case outside our criteria? We will always take a look!

Tel: 01202 978 800

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